What Is Wheel Alignment & How Often Should I Have It Done?

One of the most overlooked maintenance tasks you can do for your car is getting the wheels aligned. However, this task has much more value than just making sure your car goes straight when driving it. Getting your vehicle’s alignment checked can extend the life of your vehicle. As fewer alignment problems will mean less maintenance is to be done.

What is A Wheel Alignment?

A wheel alignment is a self-explanatory maintenance task, as it makes sure the tires of your car are pointing straight. If they are not properly aligned, it will cause your care to pull itself to the left or right while in motion. To test this, drive on the highway or a long straight road and after you build momentum, let go of the steering wheel. If you notice your car starts to pull to either the left or right, then your car is in need of an alignment. If an alignment is not performed on your car, then the pulling can cause stress on your suspension and steering systems which will cause major repairs to be done on your vehicle that can cost you.

How Often Should You Get An Alignment?

For all makes, models, and brands of cars there is a rule of thumb to when drivers should have their cars aligned properly. This rule of thumb is having your wheels aligned once a year, as this type of issue does not happen frequently. However, if you do live in an area where you frequent potholes, then you may need to have your car aligned twice a year. This is because potholes are the leading cause of alignment issues with vehicles.

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