Everything to Know About Snow Tires

snow tires

The first snow has already fallen here in Massachusetts! Many luxury car owners don’t think snow tires are something necessary for their vehicles. Snow tires help your car stay stable while driving on snow and ice. They can prevent accidents and help you break better in slippery conditions. Here is everything to know about snow tires and why you should consider them:

What Makes Snow Tires Different?

If you didn’t know, all-season tires do not have a deep tread. Many car owners in New England leave their all-season tires on all year long, when they are only meant for 3/4 seasons. You can still drive with all-season tires during the winter, but using snow tires will give you a better grip on the road and make you feel safer while driving. 

Do I Need Snow Tires?

If you live anywhere that gets below 40 degrees for a consistent amount of time in the winter, you should have snow tires. Since we are in Massachusetts, snow tires are a necessity to get through the unpredictable winters. Using the right tires for each season will allow them to last longer.

When Should I Be Changing To Snow Tires?

Depending on how severe the weather is in the fall, you might not have to change to snow tires until the beginning of December. Some people choose Thanksgiving so that they have a consistent date. Anything in the late fall should be fine! Try to get them on before the first harsh snow. 

How Do I Care For Snow Tires?

Keep your same snow tires around longer by providing maintenance for them. You don’t want them to wear out quickly. Be sure to check your tire pressure because colder temperatures can decrease it fast. Make sure you get them rotated and aligned when needed. Do not use two regular tires and two snow tires together. This is not a good mix! Both types of tires will get more wear and tear on them if you choose to do this. Some people think it’s okay to have snow tires in front and all-season tires in the back. 

How Long Do Snow Tires Last?

Since snow tires are used for just a specific season of the year, they should last you a while. Since they help you with traction, they can wear down fast, but it might not be obvious when you look at them. Make sure to get them looked at after each winter season to make sure they are okay for the following winter too!

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