Spring Car Care Tips

With rising temperatures on their way, the strategy for car care changes drastically! During the winter months, many people don’t pay as much attention to keeping their cars in shape, especially in Massachusetts. The large amounts of snow end up covering cars, and cleaning them off is usually the most pressing thing to worry about. After the snow is done and the sun is setting later, take the time to pay attention to your car to have it running its best all spring long.

Tire Pressure

As temperatures get colder during the winter, tire pressures decrease, which probably caused you to fill up your tires during the colder months. As temperatures increase into the spring, so does tire pressure. If it rises past the manufacturer’s standards, it can ruin your car’s ability to drive and the fuel economy. Make sure to get your tires checked once it gets warmer out. Check for dry rot, tread depth, or any low pressures due to minor leaks. 

Alignment and Suspension

Snowy and frozen roads take a toll on your car. Driving on roads with potholes and rocks can ruin the alignment of your car and damage suspension components. Take your vehicle to get the alignment and suspension checked if you had a long winter of commuting around on frozen ground. Listen for any noises over bumps or when going over driveways as that is a tell-tale sign something is wrong. 

Wiper Blades

Check your wipers for signs of damage. If you had a lot of snow piling on your car and freezing, the blades might have some cracks or don’t wipe your windshield correctly anymore. Many car owners tend to change out their wiper blades after the winter is over anyways. 

Wax and Wash Your Car

Driving in winter weather can make your car the dirtiest it can get. Driving higher speeds on highways will throw road salt and dirt at your vehicle. Be sure to give your vehicle a thorough car wash, making it a point to clean the undercarriage. That’s where rust can form from snow and ice. 

Clean Inside Your Car, Too

Spring is a great time to clean the inside of your car. No one wants to be outside in the winter cleaning out their car. While you are spring cleaning your home, add your car into the mix! Snow and salt will settle into your floormats, making the interior dirty. Vacuum and wipe down the steering wheel and dashboard to give your car a fresh look.

Check Under the Hood

Open up the hood of your car to check the engine and make sure everything looks right after a long, cold winter. Check hoses and belts to make sure the cold didn’t wear them down. This is something that should be professionally inspected, especially if you are not too experienced with cars. 

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