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BMW Suspension Repair Service

BMW suspension systems are designed and built for the perfect balance of performance, comfort, and safety over a wide variety of road surfaces and conditions. They are largely responsible for what makes BMW the ultimate driving machine. Therefore servicing your suspension is essential to the performance and safety of your BMW. New England roads are very taxing on vehicles in general, and your Bavarian machine is no exception. Potholes, cold temperatures, and stop & go traffic provide an extra strain on vehicles, especially the suspension. For this reason, we use BMW Original parts for any bushings, control arms, springs, struts, and shocks as they provide the compromise of balanced handling, ride comfort, and grip while providing maximum longevity. For those looking for a non-factory performance suspension upgrade, we recommend and supply Bilstein sports shocks, H&R springs, Eibach springs, and several other performance suspension items. Please consult one our technicians before purchasing so we may best find components that suit your BMW and driving needs.

Audi Suspension Repair Service

Is your ride not quite as smooth as you remembered it when you first drove your Audi off the lot? Over time, normal use, potholes, and speed bumps can start to cause wear and tear on your suspension. If you’re noticing an extra bumpy ride, a pull to one side, or unusual noises in your suspension, we can help you find the source of the issues and help you bring your Audi back up to snuff. We will closely examine the axles, bearings, bushings, struts, and the power steering components for any damage, looseness or misalignment. All of these components act together to keep your vehicle sturdy and reduce unwanted vibrations. If any work needs to be done we will go over the exact repairs and costs before proceeding with any work. Suspension work is always important because it impacts the level of control and handling you have as a driver, especially the shocks and struts.

Porsche Suspension Repair Service

Porsche drivers are big fans of the superior road feel that these vehicles offer. When tuning and repairing a suspension, it’s all about balancing a responsive and “real” road feel with a comfortable and sturdy ride. Depending on what kind of driving you’re doing in your Porsche, you’ll want a different tuning adjustment. Additionally over time, traffic, cold weather, potholes and even speed bumps can begin to wear and tear on your suspension and cause issues that simply require routine maintenance every now and then. We are well versed in the Porsche suspension systems and can easily diagnose the problems and pinpoint what needs to be repaired.