_MG_0943The evolution of modern BMWs, as well as the environmental concerns for emissions, has seen more precise and calculated fuel mixtures. Fuel systems thus there have become more complicated and increasingly sensitive, especially considering the poor quality of many of our fuels, both high in sulfur and ethanol. Direct fuel injection systems have been stressed the most from the combination of these factors, but we are seeing more and more standard non-direct systems experience fuel pump and fuel injector failure due to poor fuel quality. Carbon builds up is one of the combustion engine’s worst enemies, causing poor running characteristics, decreased performance, and increased fuel consumption. While there are many fuel system treatments available to put in your fuel tank, often the cleaning of the fuel injectors is very limited by the time the diluted cleaner makes it to the fuel rail. BMW offers a fuel injection system that plugs directly in the fuel rail and cleans the fuel injectors right away. This is the most efficient and direct way to clean the injectors without removal. Very noticeable differences are made, especially on higher mileage automobiles. This service provides increased power and performance with improved fuel efficiency and is available on almost any recent model.