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As technology advances, auto manufacturers are turning to electronics for more and more components of their vehicles. These complex electronic computer systems vary quite a bit from one manufacturer to another, especially when it comes to German Vehicles. In addition to the highest levels of performance and comfort, luxury vehicles are often loaded up with the most advanced electronic systems. What you might not realize is that this can lead to problems that are more difficult to diagnose and fix for the average mechanic. Because digital electronics account for increasingly more functions within modern vehicles, not only are they more complex than ever, but they also cause more problems than they have in the past.

Electronic System Diagnostics for German Cars

At Boston Motor Werks, not only do we have factory level BMW and Audi training to diagnose and fix these issues, but we also have years of experience servicing all kinds of foreign vehicles and their electronic systems. We use the factory standard diagnostic software which gives us a competitive edge when it comes to diagnostics. With the introduction of CAN-Bus systems running on a complicated electrical and fiber-optic network of modules and systems, electrical diagnosis is not as straightforward as it once used to be. How does a passenger door handle cause a DSC light on a 2009 750li? How can a wheel speed sensor cause a Check Engine Light on a 2002 325xi? 

Common Electrical Problems in German Vehicles

German vehicles have a fantastic reputation for reliability and performance, but electrical issues are still common and shouldn’t go ignored. Some of the most common problems include sensor issues on the braking, transmission and fuel systems, as well as issues with navigation systems, entertainment features, and issues with the lighting systems. The complex wiring in these vehicles helps these systems work their best, but they can also become a liability if not checked up on from time to time.

Preventive Electronic Maintenance

As with anything else in the automotive industry, these issues are best handled with routine preventive maintenance. Always check with your auto manufacturer for your vehicle’s recommended maintenance schedule. You should also take both the average annual miles and the driving conditions into account when planning your regular maintenance. For those of us that drive a little harder, more frequent maintenance should be expected to ensure that your vehicle’s performance level remains intact.. Make sure your regular maintenance routine includes checking in on the electronic system in your vehicle, and always be aware of check engine lights and the like.

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