Wayland, MA, is a town located in Middlesex County.

Robert Hanna is the founder of Boston Motor Werks and has worked with various vehicles and BMWs in dealerships since the 1980s. Rob decided in 2011 to open a shop that would offer services and repairs to BMWs at a low price but at the dealership level. With his thorough experience, Robert has earned a master-level as a BMW repair technician. He and his team have been providing the best BMW services since the 1980s and will continue to do so for many more years to come! 

These specialists’ services provide the BMW owners of Wayland, MA: electrical system diagnosis, check engine light diagnosis, programming and coding, transmission service, fuel system service, air conditioning service and repair, and more!

Car Maintenance and Repairs Wayland, MA

If you are looking for a variety of luxury car services, Boston Motor Werks is here to help you. Our BMW experts have the experience and expertise to ensure your car is as good as new when it’s returned to you. Getting maintenance done yearly on your vehicle is important to keep it running smoothly and to wean out any underlying issues. You don’t want to ignore any problems with your car because you will end up spending more money in the future. You can trust our car experts to care for your vehicle as if it were their own!

Brake Services Wayland, MA

At Boston Motor Werks, we only use brake pads from BMW and rotors to make sure your vehicle is maintained correctly and kept in the best shape possible. BMW rotors and brake pads are the best options to be used in your BMW, so we are sure to only use them. They are made of the best materials available that don’t let your brakes warp or rust. We want your brakes to last as long as they can in your BMW vehicle.

Contact Boston Motor Werks

Here at Boston Motor Werks, we are dedicated to providing you with the most professional and quality services. We strive for complete customer satisfaction and pride in our work. If you require our repair services, please give us a call at 617-489-0291 We are happy to help you out with any luxury car services you may need.