Factory Scheduled Maintenance

Having your car looked at by a professional is essential to maintaining a reliable vehicle. When you avoid taking your car for a tune up, you are investing in bigger repair bills down the road. When you’re a car owner, you want to think about your cars strength in the long run, not the short run!

So many issues on cars today can be avoided with proper maintenance techniques! No matter how much technology in the car industry has advanced over the years, nothing is better for your car than the standard “old school” maintenance program!

When your car reaches 5,000 miles, we recommend a synthetic oil change; if you wait too long after 5000 miles, you risk damage to your car! Some dealers recommend changing your oil after the 15,000 mile mark; if you do this you’re leaving your car opened to engine wear and damage.

If you have a BMW and you feel that you have fallen behind on maintenance techniques, do not fret, Boston Motor Werks is here to save the day!  We will be sure to run all the important inspections and maintenance techniques on your BMW! Give us a call today at 617-489-0291, to schedule an appointment!


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