Getting Your BMW Ready for Summer Time Heat

Just as you take care of your skin by applying sun block to your skin during the summer, you should take similar precautions when it comes to your BMW. As you know summer in the Boston area can get extremely hot, be sure to protect your Bimmer from the summertime heat and other elements!

First and foremost, be sure to get your AC and cooling systems checked so that while you sit in the beach/work traffic, your car doesn’t over heat. We will inspect the air flow around the radiator and radiator cap to check the coolant levels and to check for any cracks. We will also check the functionality of your AC system; we will check the filter and repair any leaks.

Next on the checklist is to check your tires; just as winter deflates your tires, the hot weather can overinflate your tires, which will reduce your fuel economy. Have us check the pressure and tread of your tires to make sure everything is up to snuff before you take a long road trip!

Make sure your brakes are working properly. If you’re hearing strange, squeaky noises or “grabbing” everything you hit the brakes, be sure to notify us right away!

Are your lights working properly? We will check to make sure that there is no wiring problem that could potentially effect the functionality of your lights.

We can check your battery for corrosion and leaks; if you haven’t changed your battery in years, it will be a good idea to have us inspect it, especially if you’re planning a road trip.

We will check the fluids of your car to make sure they are at the proper levels and colors; this includes checking the brakes, oil, power steering, and the transmission.

Summer is still a couple months away, so you have some time to knock some items off this checklist! For more information, or for an estimate on any of the BMW services we provide, please give Boston Motor Werks a call at 617-489-0291



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