Luxury Car Service – Medford, MA

Our team at Boston Motor Werks specializes in servicing a wide range of luxury cars in Medford, MA. Taking care of your luxury car is essential, and that’s why we work with BMW, Porsche, Audi, and Mercedes to make them run efficiently. Our technicians have years of knowledge and experience and can answer any questions and concerns you may have. Here at Boston Motor Werks, we guarantee we can adequately maintain, repair, improve your vehicle and exceed your expectations. 

Check Engine Light Diagnosis – Medford, MA

Check engine lights can come on for various reasons and prevent receiving an inspection sticker. Our technicians at Boston Motor Werks can find the source of the problem with our specialized software. While repairing the issue, we also perform test plans for each OBD-test criteria to obtain the inspection sticker faster. 

A check engine light can notify you of something minor or severe if regular maintenance hasn’t been performed. We strongly recommend our customers schedule regular car maintenance to avoid costly repairs and long-term damage to their luxury cars. Although a check engine light can mean many things, we have the expertise to diagnose where the problem is originating.

Brake Services – Medford, MA

Making sure your brakes are in proper working order is essential to the safety and functionality of your luxury car. Your brakes protect you and other drivers on the road from dangerous accidents. We are committed to providing you with the best brakes and maintenance services by sourcing the highest quality brake parts for replacements or repairs. Our team of skilled technicians makes sure to inspect your vehicle’s brake fluid, rotors and drums, and brake hoses. Contact Boston Motor Werks for regular brake maintenance or immediate brake repair to stay safe on the road. 

Suspension Services – Medford, MA

Suspensions help your luxury car drive smoothly over different roads and terrains. Routine inspections for your suspension are essential to your car’s safety and performance. Over time, potholes, harsh weather conditions, and other factors can wear down on your suspension. Here at Boston Motor Werks, we can help you identify any issues to bring your vehicle back in excellent condition. We pay close attention to axles, bearings, and struts for any damage or misalignments. 

Contact Boston Motor Werks

Boston Motor Werks makes sure that we only use dealership parts and modern machinery to provide the best services and repairs for your car. We choose to utilize every piece for repairs adequately tested and proven to be in the best condition possible. Our repairs are fast, efficient, precise, and at very industry-competitive prices. Boston Motor Werks is here to help take care of your luxury vehicles! Give us a call at 617-489-0291, so our experts can get started on your car.