Robert Hanna, the founder of Boston Motor Werks, has been repairing and servicing BMWs in dealerships since the 1980s. In 2011 he decided to open a shop that would provide services and repairs to BMWs at the dealership level, but at a reasonable price. With his extensive experience, Robert has earned a master-level as a BMW repair technician. He and his team of technicians have the knowledge and skills to repair all BMW models from the 80s through new models.

Since 2011, Boston Motor Werks has offered quality repair and maintenance services to car owners of Brookline, MA. We specialize in working on BMW, Porsche, & Mercedes vehicles as we have specialized mechanics for each brand. What makes Boston Motor Werks different than most mechanics is that every one of our technicians is specially trained in their respective brands to a master level. This way, our customers have peace of mind that their car is in good hands and will get the best treatment available for whatever needs they may have. 

Transmission Services Brookline, MA

Boston Motor Werks provides transmission services to luxury car owners in Brookline, MA. Transmission can be complex, and it is essential to schedule regular maintenance to keep it running smoothly. Boston Motor Werks recommends having regular transmission service at every second appointment. Our team is highly experienced with a thorough process to make sure your transmission is in tip-top shape. We will drain the current fluid and replace it with the proper type and quantity, check for leaks, and finally test drive the vehicle to ensure our work is fulfilled. 

Fuel System Services Brookline, MA

Boston Motor Werks offers fuel system services to luxury car owners in Brookline, MA. The evolution of BMWs and environmental concerns have made it more complicated to have proper fuel systems. Our team provides a fuel injection system that plugs directly into the fuel rail and cleans the fuel injectors without removal. With this service, you can see increased power and performance and improved fuel efficiency in your luxury car. Boston Motor Werks offers complete inspection and cleaning of your fuel injectors; this includes injector testing and visual inspection to check for damages, build-up, leaks, etc. We are dedicated to ensuring our customers are educated about their car’s maintenance; therefore, we will also go over the results with you in detail and thoroughly explain what we recommend. 

Contact Boston Motor Werks

Our team at Boston Motor Werks is dedicated to satisfying our customers.  If you are interested in our services, please feel free to call us at 617-489-0291. We will be sure to produce top-quality services and repairs to each BMW that enters our shop.