Why You Should Get a Proper Tune-up

After a while, your car engine will inevitably decline in its performance. A proper tune-up is the only way to keep the car engine working at an optimal level. But, this is only achieved when the tune-up is done correctly.

All car engines, irrespective of their manufacturer and model, require a proper tune-up every once in a while. A thorough engine inspection will reveal parts that need repair or replacement.

Here are some benefits of a proper tune-up.

Fuel economy

A proper tune-up will include services such as an oil change, replacement of the spark plugs, brake services, and others, depending on the findings from the general inspection.

Over time, your car may slowly become a fuel guzzler, burning up more gallons than it is known to. A proper tune-up will help to keep the engine in good working condition and ensure more efficient fuel consumption.

Reduced smoke emission

A poor engine condition inadvertently leads to poor fuel efficiency and increased smoke emissions. Aside from causing air pollution, poor fuel combustion decreases your engine’s lifespan. This is one of the reasons why you should get a proper tune-up, as this will improve fuel combustion and reduce smoke emissions.

Early detection of car engine problems

Being stranded on the road is never fun, as this tends to occur in the most unexpected moment and places where it is difficult to get help. The best way to avoid being in such a position is by keeping the engine condition optimal through regular tune-up service.

Some engine problems are slow in manifestation. They may only be discovered after significant damage has been done. However, a proper tune-up will increase the chances of early discovery and prompt action. This will prevent further damage to other car parts.

During a proper tune-up, the mechanic inspects several aspects of the car, including the engine vacuum, ignition timing, battery performance, and the car’s computer system.

Increase vehicle resale value

One of the reasons you should get a proper tune which is hardly mentioned, is the car’s resale value. Individuals planning to resell their vehicle in the future will get a better deal with receipts of regular vehicle maintenance. The buyer is less likely to suffer from sudden, unexplained engine breakdowns.

Increase the lifespan of the vehicle

A regular proper tune-up will extend the vehicle’s lifespan and ensure you make the most of it. During this time, the car is driven with peace of mind, without fear of a sudden breakdown. Proper tune-up extends the vehicle’s lifespan through early detection of defects, prompting early repair or replacement.

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