What’s the Difference Between Synthetic Oil and Regular Oil?

It is important to schedule regular oil changes for your luxury vehicle. But are you aware of what kind of oil you are using? There is synthetic oil and conventional oil (i.e. mineral oil). It is believed that synthetic oil is better for your car than regular oil; however, what is the difference? Continue reading to learn more. 

Synthetic vs. Regular 

Conventional oil is refined from crude and mineral oil and is more traditional. On the other hand, synthetic oil mimics the qualities of the conventional type and adapts to modern engines. Essentially, it is the product of modern chemical engineering. Synthetic oil is generally better for your vehicle because of its benefits and quality over conventional sources. Regular oil is less chemically stable and quicker to break down than its synthetic counterpart. With higher quality base oils, synthetics have better engine performance and protection.

The Benefits of Synthetic Oil

Over time, the oils moving through your engine will break down, which emphasizes the importance of regular maintenance. However, synthetic oil is formulated to resist sludge and help keep your engine cleaner longer. Since synthetic sources are more resistant to breaking down, it protects your engine from the damage caused by friction and overheating. Traditional oils need to be changed more often than their counterpart. 

Synthetic oil also does well in extreme temperatures. Because it breaks down more slowly than conventional oil, it can resist heat and work well in high temperatures. Cars with turbocharged engines run hotter than regular engines, and motor oil needs to flow through the engine for proper lubrication. Synthetic oils are perfect for turbocharged engines because they keep them operating at peak performance. Regular oil takes a while to warm up to ideal temperature in cold temperatures, whereas their synthetic counterparts can warm up faster. They flow quickly to begin protecting your engine sooner in colder temperatures. 

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