What is the Porsche IMS Bearing?

Having a Porsche isn’t just about an image or having a well-known brand as your car of choice. As a Porsche driver and owner, you are open to the world of advanced auto engineering. What makes Porsche engines so different and unique is that, like other high-end brands, they have specific parts that are only found in their type of engine. One of those parts being the IMS bearing.

What is the IMS Bearing?

In a Porsche vehicle, the IMS bearing is the intermediate shaft bearing. This is a geared shaft that runs through and extends out from the front and rear of the engine. The function of this bearing is that it drives the camshafts indirectly to either side of the engine. In short, it is an important component that makes the engine run at optimal levels and if it is not working properly, it could lead to engine failure. At Boston Motor Werks we have years of experience repairing Porsche vehicles that have encountered a problem with their IMS bearing.

The Old Issue With IMS Bearings

The biggest issue with this Porsche item is that 996 generations of the Porsche 911s  were infected with a vulnerability in the IMS bearing causing engine failure. Why an IMS failure is so serious is that when it fails, the car’s engine’s internals is infected by debris which requires the whole engine to be rebuilt or replace which is a very expensive repair.

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