What is Porsche Dynamic Chassis Control?

With any car, if you are driving and cornering you will feel the weight of the car roll towards the outside tires. When this happens, it means the loads experienced by each tire are no longer even. To fix this issue, Porsche has designed an electrohydraulic antiroll bar system called Porsche Dynamic Chassis Control (PDCC). This system results in more responsive handling when cornering with Porsche vehicles. What makes this system different is that the PDCC uses hydraulically actuated cylinders to mechanically alter the load on both the front and rear antiroll bars.

The PDCC also uses sensors to measure the movement under both bump and rebound for each damper. With this information the system will know how to load both antiroll bars as you drive. Each corner of the car has cylinders that move in the opposite direction to the dampers of the PDCC system. With this movement, the camber of each wheel works at optimal levels, while ensuring the right amount of load is transferred from wheel to wheel while cornering.

This system designed by Porsche is great as it ensures a more direct turn in, while make the car’s stability is at its optimal levels while cornering.

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