What Causes Engine Oil Leaks?

When you are a car owner, you’ll run into issues with your vehicle from time to time. Have you been noticing oil spots in your driveway? Oil leaks can be annoying since they don’t always come from one area of your car. All cars develop oil leaks, and they can be minor. Here are some causes of engine oil leaks in your vehicle:

Oil Filter

Your oil filter can end up becoming loose or improperly aligning when it wears out. Some cars also have some extra parts at the filter that can also leak. Your car’s filter should be changed every time you get an oil change to prevent this from happening.

 Oil Drain Plug

There is a drain plug at the base of the oil pan, and you can access it from the bottom of your car. The cause of a standard oil leak can be misaligned threads, worn-out threads, or a loose drain plug. It’s simple to spot as there would be new oil around the plug, and it drips down on the side of it.

Oil Filler Cap

Your car has a filler cap that covers where you put oil into the engine. If it is loose, broken, or missing, then the engine’s pressure could make the oil spill out when the vehicle is running. Make sure you get yours replaced or fixed if there is an issue. If you are unsure if it’s your oil filler cap, the experts at Boston Motor Werks are happy to check for you.

Valve Gasket

The valve gasket is known to be one of the most common causes of oil leaks, especially when you have an older car that is used frequently. The valve gasket is a seal that connects the oil pan and engine block, as well as the block and head. When time passes, and sludge accumulates, the pressure increases. Sludge is the oil that breaks down due to temperature exposure. This can cause leaks and seal issues with the gaskets. 

How to Prevent Leaks?

Having regular maintenance and routine oil changes for your car can reduce the problems with oil leaks and help you avoid additional damage to basic engine components, essentially preventing damage and leaks before they happen.

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