Transmission Signs That Should Not Ignored

Transmission replacements are one of car owner’s worse nightmares. Mainly because it costs an arm and a leg to replace. You can avoid a huge cost by noticing signs of transmission problems and repairing them right away. Here are five transmission problems that you should not ignore and try to fix as soon as possible.


Transmission slipping is when you feel like you are driving in a certain gear and then the car switches to a different gear on its own. This will happen randomly and unexpectedly, as well as the noise from your engine might begin to pitch differently. Another sign of transmission slipping is when your car feels like it is having a hard time. It also may feel like the car is not running at full power or potential and acceleration is not as it usually is.

Rough Shifts

If you are trying to shift gears and the transition from gear to gear is not smooth, then you may have an issue with your transition. Another obvious sign that something is up with our transmission is hear thuds. If you start to hear thuds after switching from gear to gear, then you should get your transmission checked out as soon as possible.

Delayed Response

This is when you switch from park to drive and your car takes a minute before acting as if it is in drive. Another way to tell if your car may need to get its transmission fixed is after you switch gears, there is a long pause, revving the engine, before the car engages in the drive gear.


Since transmissions are sealed units within an engine, there should be no fluid leakage. If you notice any leaking, you should take your car to a specialist. You can test it yourself to see if the leak is constant or just a once and a while type leak. Once you notice the leak on the ground, place cardboard or any item to catch any future leaking to see if it is an active leak. If it is then you need to bring your car to a repair shop. If not, still bring it in but explain the issues and a mechanic can give you a proper assessment.

Check Engine Light

Normally when the check engine light turns on, it means the car is generating an error code. These should be checked as well but are not as severe as replacing a transmission, and doesn’t mean the transmission needs to be replaced. However, if you have the engine light on in addition to the symptoms mentioned above then you should make a repair shop appointment.


If you have any transmission issues with your BMW or Porsche please call us today to schedule an appointment!


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