The Importance of Tire Rotation

There are fundamental reasons to ensure that your tires are properly rotated. Knowing why tire rotation is vital is a component of understanding exactly what is involved in one and how it prevents accidents. Grasping the concept of a tire rotation will help you know why this is one maintenance step you should not skip. 

About Tire Rotation

What exactly is a tire rotation? It’s simple – a tire rotation moves existing tires into new locations on the same vehicle. For instance, the back left tire would move to the front left position. This relocates the pressure points of each tire to a new location, where the road has not worn away the rubber. While this action seems like an easy and unimportant part of vehicle maintenance, it can actually be incredibly vital to the safety of your car. 

Why is it Important?

Regular tire rotations are essential to your car because it helps ensure that you put even wear and tear on each tire. When a tire stays in the same location for its lifetime, driving will apply pressure to the same spots repeatedly. This action can create weaknesses in the tire and become dangerous over time. 

Avoid Tire Failures

Tire failure is one risk of missing a tire rotation. Tire failure includes tread separation, blowouts, and punctures. While driving, experiencing tire failure can cause the vehicle to move unexpectedly, sometimes resulting in an accident. To be safe, keeping up with tire rotations and maintenance is encouraged. A rotation will prevent tire failure by:

  • Preventing thin spots
  • Withstanding heat from friction
  • Keeping the tire stronger

Have a Healthy Tread

Regular tire rotation keeps your tread healthier over time. When the road wears down the tread on your vehicle’s tires, it no longer grips as it should. This means that when the roads get wet or snow and ice are present, you increase the chance of sliding or hydroplaning. The tread is more evenly spaced with a tire rotation, giving the tire a better chance of finding traction. Your vehicle requires traction for all weather conditions, but it is far more dangerous when precipitation occurs. Be safer by getting your tires rotated as necessary.

Tire Rotation Assistance

Fortunately, there is no need for you to complete a tire rotation independently. Boston Motor Werks is available and ready to assist you with all your tire needs. Boston Motor Werks specializes in maintenance and repairs for luxury vehicles, including BMWs, Audis, and Porsche. Make sure you and your family are as safe as possible while driving with tires that adequately grip the road. You can trust us to get your tires rotated quickly and efficiently. Contact us today!

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