Can I use Regular Oil in My Audi or BMW?

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If you’ve never owned a German car before, you might not be familiar with this strange rule regarding regular and synthetic oil in your engine. There are quite a few reasons that you cannot use regular oil in an Audi or BMW, one of the most important being that you will void the warranty of the vehicle if you do so.

Synthetic Oil Flows Better Through Your Engine

This rule was set in place in order to enforce the use of synthetic oil, and there’s good reason too. Conventional oil and synthetic oil have different weights and densities to them, which changes how the oil flows through the engine. The thicker viscosity of natural oil doesn’t flow properly, which causes the engine to wear out faster.

Synthetic Oil is Cleaner Than Regular Oil

While commonly used natural motor oil is refined from crude oil, it can still contain unwanted elements that make it through this process. These small minerals can gradually cause unwanted buildup in an engine which can hurt the performance and the lifespan of the engine. Alternatively, synthetic oil doesn’t have this issue because it’s synthesized with chemical compounds in a controlled process, which eliminates the possibility of contamination. 

Synthetic Oil Performs Better in Extreme Temperatures

In addition to being cleaner and lower viscosity, synthetic oil is also designed to better regulate the temperature of your engine. Not only does it perform better in extreme heat and extreme cold, but it keeps your engine from overheating and prevents unnecessary wear and tear. This not only improves performance but increases the lifespan of your engine.

Synthetic Oil Provides More Mileage Per Change

Although Synthetic oil is more expensive than natural options, it is designed to be changed less often, therefore giving you more miles in between each oil change. While this factor probably won’t save you money it will gradually even out to be about the same cost as regular oil. In other words, don’t sweat spending a little more for an oil change, it will save you trouble in the long run.

Have Your Vehicle Serviced by An Expert

BMW and Audi each have very similar lists of oil brands and types that are safe to use in their vehicles. Depending on what year your vehicle was made, and even what climates you’re driving in, the type of oil that is most efficient could be different. For best results, have your vehicle serviced with a shop that specializes in BMW and Audi care. Feel free to give us a call at 617-489-0291 or contact us here.

Why Oil Changes Are Important For Your Vehicle

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Oil changes on your car should be done every 3,000-5,000 miles. It can also depend on the make and model of your vehicle and what your dealer recommends. Many car owners become lazy when it comes to bringing in their vehicle for an oil change, but it’s important to be proactive when you have a luxury car! Keep your engine and car healthy. Here are some reasons why oil changes are important:

Better Gas Mileage

Gas mileage is significant to be aware of, especially if you drive long distances regularly. Gas mileage and the quality of your car’s oil are dependent on each other, so you should be getting oil changes when needed to help you get better mileage. Taking the time to get to the shop will be worth it! Having consistent oil changes done will help you maintain the best gas mileage your car can get. It will save you money in the end. 

Reduce Engine Buil-Up and Wear

When you bring your luxury car to Boston Motor Werks for an oil change, you will help prolong its life. Oil changes can help remove dirt and build-up in the engine that can cause damage. There can also be sludge that needs to be removed as well. Your engine will run a lot more smoothly! A clean engine works a lot better. Keep your car in the best shape possible so that you’ll be able to drive it for many years. 

Prolong The Life of Your Engine

When you get regular oil changes, your engine will stay alive and running longer. When you go to trade in your car, you will get more money because the engine will still be working efficiently! Other issues within a vehicle are sometimes hard to avoid, but if you can work to make your engine last long, you will be golden!

Engine Lubrication

Engines produce a lot of heat when your car is running. It’s very typical, but you don’t want it to overheat. When you avoid regular oil changes, the chance of your engine overheating is very high. Having your engine properly lubricated will stop overheating from happening. If your engine dries out, you can end up having a lot of problems with your car. Make sure to get your oil changed!

Contact Boston Motor Werks

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