Summer Car Maintenance Tips

Summer is the season when people hit the roadways more than ever. It’s vacation time, and the road trips, beach trips, and summer travel are in full gear. The last thing you need is car troubles this summer when you need your vehicle to be in tip-top shape. One of the main things to focus on to ensure that your car functions correctly as you travel is to keep up with its maintenance. This will protect your car as it burns mileage on the roadways and ensures the safety of both passengers, pedestrians, and other motorists. Take a look at these car maintenance tips you could apply this summer.

Check Tire Pressure 

Before your summer travels get on the way, assess your tire pressure. Harsh winter weather conditions may have taken a toll on your tires and diminished their quality. Your tire could have lost the air pressure that’s needed to keep the tire at optimal performance and safety for driving. Underinflated tires are prone to wear more quickly, minimize fuel efficiency, and lead to a flat tire. Overinflated tires are more prone to damage from road surface irregularities, like potholes, and can make a ride far less comfortable. According to Consumer Reports, typical inflation pressures range from 28 to 36 psi (pounds per square inch). However, if you are unsure, pull out your car owner’s manual where you might find the specific tire pressure range for your vehicle.

Test Your Car’s Air Conditioning

During the summertime, things can really heat up. Is your car’s air conditioner ready for the hot weather conditions? There’s nothing fun about riding in a car with a busted AC system during hot temperatures. Remember that your car’s AC system may have sat dormant during the winter or spring season, which is a reason to test it before your summer travel preparations. If you turn on your car’s AC and warm/hot air is expelling, you may simply need a refrigerant charge to fix the problem. However, if that doesn’t fix your AC issue, get your mechanic to make a diagnosis and find a solution. 

Top Off Engine Fluids 

The rising summer temperatures can have a negative impact on car fluids, and if it’s bad enough, your car could experience a breakdown when you are on the road. Low engine fluids can thin or evaporate in warm temperatures, making it crucial to check fluids during the summer. You should check coolant, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, and windshield wiper fluid to ensure that they are at an optimal level for proper car function.

Perform an Oil and Filter Change 

Another important aspect of summer car maintenance is oil and filter change. It typically involves fully draining and refilling your engine oil and replacing the oil filter. Regular oil and filter changes help to extend the longevity of the vehicle, improve the efficiency of the car’s engine, and boost gas mileage. Understand that an oil change is essential to the operation and health of your car, especially this summer. 

Contact Boston Motor Werks

Have you done your car maintenance for the summer? If not, let Boston Motor Werks help you check and prepare your luxury car for summer travel. Our team of skilled mechanics will ensure that your car is in tip-top shape for your comfort and safety on the roadway.

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