Signs You Need New Tires

Putting off buying new tires is a common car owner habit. They can be expensive, and finding the best tires for your needs is often a hassle. Avoiding the research and cost of new tires results in some big problems. You could have a blowout or get a flat tire. These issues can be as simple as an annoyance or as severe as dangerous. 

Consider replacing your vehicle’s tires when you notice these signs you need new tires. 

Tire Tread is Poor and Traction is an Issue

Tire tread is an essential part of safety on the road. With good tread, you will have excellent traction. When you drive in the rain, slipping is a possibility with low tread. To check the tread on your tires, try the penny test.

The penny test is a simple trick used to test the tread by placing the coin with Lincoln’s head down into the groove of your tire. If the top of his head is visible, you need new tires. If the tread is not deep enough for this level of coverage, you could face unnecessary dangers. 

Dash Light for Tire Pressure is On

Modern vehicles come with helpful lights in the dash to assist you in remaining safe. When your tire pressure light comes on, it is time to check your tires. While the extreme cold could lower your tire pressure, it is also a possibility that you have a leak. 

In some cases, you can plug a leak without the need to purchase a new tire. However, there are many instances where a mechanic cannot repair the tire, and new tires are necessary. If you have to replace one tire, it is best to replace all to ensure there is adequate balance and tread across the board.

It’s Been 10 Years

Old tires can become hazardous, especially if they have consistently been outside in the elements. While many manufacturers claim that tires will last for ten years, it is crucial to have your tires checked regularly. If you’ve gone ten years on your current tires, it is time for a replacement – even if they have not traveled the total guaranteed mileage. 

Something is Shaking While Driving

Shaking while driving is a common tire problem. While your vehicle may be out of alignment, it is also possible that the metal belts within the tires have slipped. If this is the case, replacement is necessary. 

Bulging or Cracks on the Sidewalls

When your tires have bulging spots or cracks, it is time to replace them. These problems often result in a blowout, which can be scary and dangerous for you and others on the road. Check your tires for bulges or cracks on the sidewalls to ensure that the safety of the tires is intact. 

Your Area Has Extreme Cold or Hot Weather

Extreme weather can reduce the life of tires. The pressure changes when exposed to exceptionally low or high temperatures. Cold weather lowers tire pressure. Hot weather increases tire pressure. Although your tire pressure management system will notify drivers of low pressure, high pressure is not included in the warnings. Be wary of extreme temperatures!

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