Signs You Need a Transmission Flush

You already know that oil changes are necessary to keep your vehicle working properly, but did you know that your car needs periodic transmission flushes too? Most automakers recommend getting a transmission flush every 3-5 years or every 50,000 miles to eliminate any sludge, debris, or built up in the transmission. You may need a transmission flush if you see any of these signs:

Difficulty Changing Gears

If you notice that your vehicle is suddenly tough to shift gears, it’s time for a transmission flush. Getting rid of the build-up and replacing the transmission pan should make it easy for the vehicle to shift into gear again. This can happen with both automatic and manual transmissions, so if you’re driving an automatic car, you still need to get regular transmission flushes. 

Transmission Grinding 

When you shift in or out of gear does your vehicle make a grinding or clinking noise? If your transmission is making any noises at all when you shift that’s a red flag. Take your car to an experienced repair facility and get the transmission flushed so that your vehicle can shift properly again. If you don’t, you may need to replace the transmission eventually. 

Transmission Slipping

Sometimes drivers won’t hear a grinding noise from the transmission, but they will notice that the car seems to be slipping in and out of gear or easier to shift. That slipping isn’t a good thing, even if it seems like it should be. That means your transmission isn’t functioning correctly. A transmission flush should get your transmission working properly again. 


Surging, when your car lurches forward unexpectedly, can be scary or downright dangerous. If you drive a manual transmission car, you may notice a little surge when you first turn the car on and put it in gear. But if you’re noticing big surges or your car is an automatic transmission and surges when you change gears, you need to get your car looked at by a professional. A transmission flush may solve the problem and make your car safer to drive. 


Some vehicles won’t surge when the transmission needs flushing, but they will stall for a couple of seconds during shift changes instead. If you’re putting your car in or out of gear and the car idles and delays for a couple of seconds before completing the gear shift, that’s a strong indication the transmission needs flushing.

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