Since 2011 Boston Motor Werks has been offering quality servicing and repairing all models and years of BMW, Porsche, and Mercedes vehicles in Arlington, MA. What makes Boston Motor Werks different than other repair shops in the area is that each technician is specially trained, certified, and experienced in handling their respective car repairs. We have dedicated mechanics to work solely on either BMWPorscheMercedes, or Audi vehicles. We pay extra attention to detail to ensure each repair, maintenance, and need is met, so all of our clients are 100% satisfied with our work. Doing this also helps us answer any frequently asked questions our customers may have when they get their vehicle looked at. We only use high-level modern automotive machinery and dealer parts for each repair and service we provide. Each part we use has been tested time and time again to ensure high-quality functioning.

BMW Repairs & Maintenance in Arlington, MA

Boston Motor Werks specializes in BMW repairs and maintenance and takes pride in being called a “BMW specialist shop.” It all started with the owner opening up the shop where they specialized and only serviced BMW cars. Over time he extended the shop’s services to Mercedes, Porsche, and Audi vehicles, but the foundation is with BMW repairs. Each technician is certified and has the knowledge to label them as a master-level BMW mechanic. We understand owning and driving a BMW is more of a lifestyle than just any other car on the market. We pay extra attention to detail to ensure your beloved vehicle is working correctly for optimal and safe driving with this knowledge. If you own a BMW in Arlington and are looking for a repair shop and services, you can choose the following that we offer here at Boston Motor Werks:

Porsche Repair & Maintenance in Arlington, MA

In addition to working on BMW vehicles, Boston Motor Werks also specializes in Porsche repair services in the Arlington, MA area. We have a team dedicated and trained in all types of repairs that are specific to Porsche vehicles. We take pride in having dedicated teams of mechanics who specialize in a particular repair brand to ensure proper maintenance for our clients. Our team of mechanics can assist you with whatever repair need you are looking for. At Boston Motor Werks, we are proud to offer the following Porsche repair services.

  • Oil filter/fluid changes with the highest quality oil and filters.
  • Transmission Services
  • Brake Flushes, service, and repairs
  • Coolant repairs and flushes on all water-cooled engines
  • Wheel and tire replacement
  • Four-wheel computerized alignments
  • Vehicle Inspections
  • Full Factory Diagnostics, including PDK, PASM, and PDCC systems
  • Preventative IMS Bearing replacements on 996/997 engines
  • Race and Track Inspections

Mercedes Repair Services in Arlington, MA

The team at Boston Motor Werks is full of automotive fanatics, and specialists that understand driving a luxury vehicle are more than just going. This is why Boston Motor Werks has extended its repair services to Mercedes drivers and cars as well. We pride ourselves in being specialists more than just ordinary mechanics, so we make sure each technician who works on a Mercedes car in Arlington is specially trained and has experience working on these luxury cars. Mercedes drivers can contact us about any of the following Mercedes vehicles:

  • A & B services
  • Electronics diagnostics
  • Dealer parts
  • Oil filter/fluid changes with the highest quality oil and filters
  • Transmission Services
  • Brake Flushes, use, and repairs
  • Coolant repairs and flushes on all water-cooled engines
  • Wheel and tire replacement
  • Four-wheel computerized alignments
  • Vehicle Inspections

Audi Repair Services in Arlington, MA

Recently, Boston Motor Werks has proved to be the premier facility in the Boston area for BMW and Porsche service and repair. Due to some excellent and highly-skilled team members joining our crew, we are proud to say we are now servicing and repairing Audi vehicles. Just like our BMW and Porsche repair and maintenance services, we use factory diagnostic systems, particularly for our repairs, to ensure optimal performance. Having over 25 years of experience servicing Audi among our new technicians, authentic Audi parts, and pride in detail attentiveness, we embrace your Audi of any year or model to experience the dedication and professionalism of Boston Motor Werks. We will maintain our tradition of dealer-level service without the dealer prices despite the make or model.   

Our Audi services include:

  • Full electrical and drivetrain diagnostics
  • Oil changes
  • Brake service & repair
  • DSG service & repair
  • fluid flushes
  • suspension repair
  • State-of-the-art alignments
  • Road-force and match-mount balancing on all tires
  • Carbon cleaning the intake system

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If you own a BWM, Porsche, Mercedes, or Audi vehicle and would like specialist treatment when it comes to your car’s repairs in Arlington, MA, then be sure to call Boston Motor Werks today.