Replacing M5 Engine & Transmission

M5 S62 engine removedBoston Motor Werks has another S62 Engine & Transmission on our work bench. This time it’s getting cleaned up heads, a clutch, flywheel, and some standard maintenance hoses, sensors, and seals. Follow through our pics as we take you step by step through dis-assembly to timing the S62 engine.

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02/26/2012 at 11:33 AM

Michael – My M5 is the ultimate driving machine again:

I purchased my M5 from a dealer in Norwell, MA about 12 months ago, and it was a nightmare getting them to honor and repair the car, as they agreed to. When I purchased the car there were several things I observed with the car and the sales manager said they would repair. Imagine one week after purchase the car I returned it for a bad clutch, and thing when down hill from the, oil consumption about 1 quart / week, etc.

Frustrated, I contacted BMW HQ and MA State attorney General’s office for help. The Norwell dealer continues to refuse to repair or replace the car. When I had problem changing the gears again, I found it a bit curious that I would be having that problem when the dealer said they replaced the clutch 12 month ago, one week after purchase I was unable to change the gears. When I check the car out at the dealer, there was an odor coming from the engine that reminded me of a burning brake pad. The sales person said it was the chemical they used to clean the engine.

I refused to take the car back there for repairs again, and based a web search and speaking to a few potential repair centers, I decided to go with Boston Motor Werks LLC I came to the conclusion they knew what they were doing and they would be fair. Within 24 hours of towing the car there and explaining the problems to Robert, he agreed with my claim and gave me proof that I was correct and the BMW dealer in Norwell, MA was shysters. Boston Motor Werks evaluated and repaired the car at quite a reasonable cost and after driving the car, I am happy to that I am a BMW enthuses again and is very comfortable driving my M5 again. Boston Motor Werks now have a client as long as I own a BMW. If you are reading this review, and recently purchased a used BMW, I urge you to have them evaluate it a soon a possible.

Yes Robert and Ada, you guys were right, I will not be putting a FOR SALE sign on this M5 anytime soon, and it is a pleasure to drive. You and your partner did a wonderful job. Thanks Michael C. Smith

put up the photo you took on the m5 and put up this story. good luck and thanks – send me some information or logo on your organization i will give you guys and ad on my website and magazine

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