Protect Your BMW’s Tires from Summer Heat

As we head into the long days and sweltering heat of summer, certain steps are necessary to stay healthy, happy, and safe. In order to stay hydrated and avoid heat exhaustion, you have to drink more water. To protect yourself from sun burn and sun damage, you have to wear sunscreen or seek shade.

Much like the special precautions made to keep yourself and your family safe, there are many things you can do to protect your BWM’s engine and, especially, tires during the summer. Here are a few simple tips that can protect your tires from melting, blowouts, and other catastrophic failure that could put you in danger.


  1. Check Tire Pressure Frequently. Heat significantly increases air pressure in tires and, combined with friction while driving, can lead to tire blowouts. Once tires have had a chance to cool, use a tire gauge and make sure pressure is within the recommended range for your tires. We highly recommend checking  pressure before going out for a drive.
  2. Measure Your Tread. Low or poor tread on tires drastically affects their ability to react to the road, especially in rain and slippery areas. Once tread is below 2/32”, the tires are considered a hazard. Visit Boston Motor Werks to have your tire tread checked frequently.
  3. Visual Inspection. One of the best ways to protect your tires from major damage is by taking notice of damage in its early stages. Any bulging, uneven wear patterns, cracks, cuts or other abnormalities can be a sign of imminent tire failure. If you notice any signs of damage visit Boston Motor Werks your thorough inspection and repair if necessary


Our experienced mechanics and BMW specialists are available 5 days a week to keep your vehicle operating safely for many summers to come. From inspection to repair to expert advice, you can get everything your BMW needs at Boston Motor Werks. Contact us today for a free estimate of our services.


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