Preventative Maintenance Tips for Preserving Your Engine

The most important part of your vehicle is the engine. Although every part plays a vital role in the function of your car, your engine plays the most prominent role and can be very expensive to repair or replace if it isn’t properly maintained. Proper maintenance of your engine is essential to your luxury car. Here are some tips to help you ensure the longevity of your engine. 

Schedule regular oil changes. 

Oil changes are usually dreaded but being consistent will prevent major engine issues down the line. It is essential to keep your oil clean and at the proper levels. This helps your engine run smoother and longer. When your oil starts to get murky, cloudy, or sticky, your engine is not getting the proper amount of lubrication. You should get an oil change every three to six thousand miles or whenever your manufacturer recommends. Our team at Boston Motor Werks recommends a synthetic oil change after five thousand miles and a mineral oil change after three thousand miles. 

Keep it clean. 

Cleaning your engine is very important for its performance. Make sure you take your time to remove any dust, debris, or grime. If you neglect cleaning your engine, the build-up will cause significant problems over time. Grease, dirt, and leaves can cover your engine and trap heat, making it hard for it to cool down properly. It is best to get consistent professional cleanings. Take your vehicle to your mechanic to thoroughly maintain your engine. 

Don’t forget about the spark plugs. 

Along with your engine, spark plugs are crucial to your car’s ignition that requires cleanliness to ensure they function correctly. Your plugs should be cleaned every season–remove the plugs from the sockets and gently brush off dirt and dust. Of course, have your mechanic take care of the task if your plugs need extra TLC. After cleaning and reattaching, you should notice your engine and car run much more smoothly. 

Contact Boston Motor Werks for engine maintenance. 

At Boston Motor Werks, we take pride in repairing and maintaining luxury cars. If you are looking for dealer-level BMW services at competitive prices, look no further. We specialize in BMW services and repairs and have worked with various models over the years. Contact Boston Motor Werks today to schedule an appointment! We look forward to working with you.

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