Porsche Has A New Project & It’s Golden

Porsche has been in the works of a secret vehicle project that they have titled “Classic Project Gold.”
Since July 20th, Porsche has been teasing enthusiasts with new videos  every friday of behind the scenes footage of this exceptional car where they have given the following statment about:

“There are exceptions to the rules.
And there are exceptions to the exceptions.”

This project has been a mystery as Porsche has been doing an exceptional job of keeping details of the projects out of the publics hands until the world premiere on September 27th. Until then we have been keeping up with Porsche for all of the video updates. Below is all of the videos that have been released to date.

Project Gold – The vision. Found and risen.

Project Gold – The refinement. Lacquer and laser.

Project Gold – The craftsmanship. Seam and stitch.

Project Gold – The coating. Protect and preserve.

Project Gold – The marriage. Engine and electrics.

We are very excited to see the final outcome of this secret project and we hope you are too! If you have any questions about our repair services, please contact us today for more information!

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