Popular Summer Maintenance Tips Part 2

Starting where we last left off in our summer car care blog series, below are additional summer car maintenance tips you should keep in mind before taking your beloved vehicle out for a drive. Keep in mind that taking your beloved BMW vehicle to a trained technician is the most beneficial way to get the best maintenance performed on it.

Additional Summer Car Care Tips

Air Filter

One of the most overlooked parts of a car to check for repairs is the car’s air filter. These maybe are clogged by leaves that might have gotten under the hood of the vehicle during the fall and winter months. In addition, at the start of spring and summer, the amount of pollen in the air can block the pollen and cabin filter systems of your car as well. Be sure to take a look at these different filters to make sure proper air flow can go through them for optimal performance.


While tires normally should be checked regularly, residents of New England and the Greater Boston area may want to consider checking your tires more often than most. With the unpredictable weather creating potholes along with the endless construction being done on major highways, there are many variables that could cause issues to your tires. The weather changing from season to season can cause the tire pressure to fluctuate, but you should always have your tire pressure be at the PSI noted in the manual. You will also want to check for any stones or debris in the tread of your tires as well as any cracks in the rubber of the tire.

Dashboard Sunshade

If you are considerate about the interior of your car then you should consider purchasing a dashboard cover for both the front and rear side of your Porche or Mercedes vehicle. During the spring and summer when you are not using your car, the inside of the car gets extremely hot and the sun can fade the seats and dashboard without a cover.

Clean The Car

Cleaning your car inside and out does not only make your car look good but it also prevents potential hazards from happening. Over time grime, dirt, fumes from plastic in the sun, etc stick to the windshield and if piled up, can make it hard to see while operating against the sun. Making it hard to see, so be sure to give your car and its windows a good cleaning periodically. Taking your car through car washes to clean the exterior will help protect the paintwork from the sun’s rays as well as any damage from bird or insects.


When it comes to summer adventures and road trips, it’s important to not only make sure the vehicle is in ready to go for the trip but also the passengers and driver. Ensure you have a checklist of items you will need to make the trip as comfortable as possible while protecting yourselves from the summer conditions.

If you are looking to have your car prepped for the summer, call Boston Motor Werks today to get trained technician repair work done on your car today!


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