Next Porsche 911 To Come To With Digital Dashboard

Porsche engineers are testing out the next generation 911 Porsche vehicle. This model is not expected to be on sale until next year as a 2019 model, but there are already a couple of exciting improvements that are expected to come. One of the big additions of the next generation of 911 vehicles is the new digital dashboard that will be implemented. The tachometer that sits in the middle of the dashboard will still be analog but there will be digital screens to the left and right of the tachometer. The left screen will be showing the speedometer of the vehicle while the right screen will show specs of the car and lights such as check engine, fuel, etc.

The importance of the new digital dashboard is that drivers will now have instant access to the specs of their vehicles. Digital dashboards are also a great way to gain even more access to what is going on with your car over analog dashboards. You will have different options to choose from of what will appear as well as getting a more in depth description of what needs to be inspected, how many miles until you will empty your tank and much more. If you need any inspection on your Porsche be sure to call us today for a free estimate!


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