How to Winterize your BMW

As long as your BMW is properly maintained throughout the year, it should be more than ready for New England’s toughest weather; this means following your manufacturer’s maintenance recommendations. This will include fluid changes at their recommended intervals.

We do suggest purchasing winter tires, as New England’s weather is very unpredictable; one day it could be sunny with highs in the 50’s and the next day we could be having a blizzard, so it’s important to be prepared for any weather condition this winter!

If you don’t have winter tires, your car could easily get stuck in just a few inches of snow.

Once you purchase your snow tires, you will be happy you did; once it snows, you can tell the difference between snow tires and regular tires. For one you won’t get stuck, and two it helps you better control your car and skidding and fishtailing is limited!

For information on how to maintain or winterize your BMW, please give Boston Motor Werks a call at 617-489-0291.


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