How Often Does An Ac System Need To Get Changed

When it comes to cars and repairs there is one vector of space that seems to be a mystery when it comes to repairing or inspecting. This space we speak of is the AC system of a car that provides cool air during the summer days and nights. Some AC systems may never need to be recharged or replaced while others may not be so lucky. This all depends on the type of car you have. Over the years you may notice that your system may start to perform less and less. Once you start noticing this then you will need to consult your repair shop or specialist.

The thing that makes gauging when an AC system needs a repair is that the answer to the questions is that it depends. There is not scheduled service that you are told about your car’s AC unit such as recharging your system annually or every two years. As mentioned before, the best indicator that your need to check on your system is when you notice the system cools less that it used to.

When you do notice a decrease in output from your car’s AC then it is time to have it inspected by a mechanic. They will look for and refrigerant leaks and if they find any leaks then those parts will need to be fixed to prevent further leakage. If there are no leaks found during inspection, mechanics will perform an “evac and recharge” service. This service consists of connected your car’s AC to a machine. This machine will take out the old refrigerant and oil from the system and then refill it to the proper level. Just like with any service, after completion the new repair will be tested to make sure everything works properly.


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