Essential Summer Car Care Tips

The summer season is a time when many folks travel and your car needs to be up to par to handle the heat that summer brings. The high temperatures of summer can present some challenges
when it comes to your car and maintenance, but you can prevent the hot weather from wreaking havoc on your vehicle. You can prepare your car to run efficiently and safely during the summer
by performing vital services on your car. Let’s look at some essential summer car care tips that are exactly what you need to keep your car in shape.

Check Your Oil & Oil Filter

Oil is of particular importance to the health of your vehicle’s engine, being responsible for lubricating the motor and guarding against the wear of friction and heat. Over time, this friction,
and heat result in the degradation of the oil, which requires that engine oil and filter be replaced on a regular basis. Excessive summer heat, like cold winter temperatures, can increase the
demands on your oil and oil filter. As such, it is imperative to ensure that your car’s engine is kept lubricated and that the filter is working efficiently to keep the oil and oil system clean.

Inspect Your Fluid Levels

Another important aspect of your car’s maintenance is checking your fluid levels, including transmission fluid, power steering fluid, brake fluid, coolant, and windshield wiper fluid.
Seasonal weather changes can affect your fluid levels, and the summer season can be harsh on coolant fluid, in particular, that can cause your car to overheat if low, which is one of the biggest
sources of summer car breakdowns. Signs that one or more of your fluid levels are low include unusual noises, odors, or vibrations. To keep your car in great working order during the summer, check these fluids like you would your oil.

Perform a Battery Test

A flat battery may prevent your car from starting properly, and in the heat of the summer months, battery fluid evaporates. This results in the oxidation of battery components, damaging both the internal and external structures of the battery, speeding up corrosion and decreases the lifespan of the battery. Battery deterioration is something that you should keep in mind during
the summer season and test your battery to avoid the hassle that a dead car battery can bring.

Check & Monitor Car’s Tires

It is critical to check your car’s tires during the summer months. According to Matrix Integrated, pressure increases approximately 1 psi for every increase in temperature of 10°F. Your tires should be properly inflated to deal with frictions and difficult road conditions, as well as to handle and brake properly, and prevent wear.

These tips are beneficial in keeping you safe, and in maintaining the health and longevity of your car so that your summertime experience on the road can be a great one. If you are looking to have summer maintenance done on your BMW, Porsche, or Mercedes vehicles, be sure to call Boston Motor Werks today!

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