Dual Clutch & Manual Transmissions Are On Their Way Out

The time of manual and dual clutch transmissions may soon cease to exist, says an executive from BMW. There was a time where enthusiasts that were serious about performance driving took a dual clutch or manual option when buying a car. However, with advances in technology and high torqued engines these once sought after transmission options may soon be a thing in the past. Vice President for Sales and Marketing at BMW M, said he expects manual and dual-clutch transmissions to be phased out in the next couple of  years. He also stated that a manual transmission may not be offered on the next-generation M3 and M4 due later this decade.

One of the main reasons why manual is getting phased out is that they tend to lack durability when used with high torque engines. In addition to that, manual transmissions have a low take up rate and an “awful” shift quality if high torque engines are being used. For dual clutch transmissions, there once was a market for them as they caused easier shifting speed and had a lighter weight. With advances in the auto industry, that advantage is no longer apparent as well as dual clutch not being reliable with high torque engines. Even Audi has been switching to automatic for their high performance cars.

The popularity of self-driving cars and electric powered cars makes choosing automatic transmissions over the alternatives a smarter choice when designing these new cars.


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