Do I Need A Radiator Flush?

Performing routine maintenance on your vehicle is key to keeping your BMW, Porsche, or Mercedes on the road for many years.  Most people know about oil changes and tire rotation, but did you know that you also need to perform a radiator flush service regularly as well?  Your radiator helps pass coolant throughout your engine system and keeps your engine and other components from overheating.

What is a radiator flush?

A radiator flush is a procedure that removes dirt, rust, and various harmful particles that build up inside the cooling system over time.  A radiator flush service wipes out the old coolant, cleans the system, and replaces with new coolant.

Failure to perform this procedure regularly, based on your manufacturers recommendation, could result in damage to the components of the cooling system and can even damage the engine!

How do I flush the radiator?

First, buy some flushing agent and some coolant.  Next, make sure your engine has been off for a while and has completely cooled down, then raise the front of the vehicle up on jack stands.

Put a drain pan under the radiator, remove the radiator cap, and remove the radiator drain plug.  You can bring the old coolant in to your local repair shop to have it recycled. Now, replace the drain plug and fill the radiator with distilled water and the flushing agent.

Replace the radiator cap and start the engine.  Keep an eye on the temperature of the vehicle and follow the flushing agent’s instructions on how long to let the vehicle run. Then follow the same steps above to drain the flushing agent from the radiator. Replace the drain plug and fill with coolant.  Replace the radiator cap. Start the engine one more time and let the vehicle get up to temperature to remove any air from the system.

How often should I flush my radiator?

Always follow your users manual and manufacturer recommendations as to how often you should flush your radiator, but as an example, a Mercedes typically requires a flush every 30,000 miles, or every five years.  Always make sure to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations as all vehicles require different routine maintenance.

If you are interested in getting your car’s radiator looked at or know you need a radiator flush, contact the specialists at Boston Motor Werks today!

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