6 Signs Your Car Needs Suspension Repair

Suspension, or shocks, are a great thing on a car as it makes your drive comfortable and bump free as much as possible. After many miles and supporting the weight of your car, eventually you are going to need a suspension repair on your vehicle. With suspension being associated with smooth rides, they tend to not be treated as important as other car repairs. However, having a faulty suspension can greatly affect your ability to control your vehicle, especially during turns, so it is best to not skimp on getting your suspension looked at by a professional.

Below are six signs to look out for that are good indicators that your vehicle is due for a suspension service.

  1. Car Rides Roughly – This is one of the most common indicators that your suspension may need to be replaced or repaired. When drivers start to feel their ride to become bumpy or even if the body of the car bounces at every bump, then it is clear that they need to see a mechanic.
  2. Drifting – If you have a suspension that is not properly working you may tend to feel the car “drift” or “pull” when turning. This basically means that the shocks are no longer keeping the vehicle body centered against the centrifugal force of the turn. When this happens, you increase your risk of rolling the car over. The minute you feel the drift or pull when turning you should go to a repair shop.
  3. Dips When Stopping – With worn out shocks, you may experience the vehicle body lurch forward and downward, nose-first, when you apply your brakes firmly. When this happens, the ability of stopping the car quickly can be affected which may cause to collisions.
  4. Uneven Tire Treads – You may not think they are related but a bad suspension can affect your tires. Check your tires and their treads to see if there is any uneven wearing or balding spots. These are actually symptoms of a suspension that is not holding a car evenly.
  5. Damaged, “Oily” Shocks – Take a look under your vehicle and inspect your shocks. If you start to notice that they are becoming greasy or oily, there’s a good chance that they are leaking fluid. A leak is a good indication that they are not working properly and they need to be replaced.
  6. Bounce Testing – If you just have “that feeling” that your suspension is about to go, try testing it with the “bounce test.” With the car in park, press down the front end of the vehicle with all your weight and bounce it a few times then release. After that, do it to the rear of the car and if you notice that it bounces two to three times after releasing then you were right and the suspension is wearing out.

BMW Suspension Service

The suspension plays a huge role in making your BMW the ultimate driving machine; it is designed and built to provide comfort, performance and safety through a variety of road conditions and surfaces. In order to get the most out of your BMW in performance and safety, it is important to get your suspension serviced.

Just driving around the Boston area, you know the road conditions aren’t the best, especially after the rough and cold winter we had this year; with the amount of pot holes, cracks in the roads, and stop and go traffic, your suspension is really taking a lot of strain!

To counteract these environmental obstacles, we use original BMW parts for bushings, control arms, springs, struts, and shocks; all of these parts together will provide you the handling, grip, and ride comfort you’re used to seeing with your BMW.

For an estimate on all of our BMW services, please give Boston Motor Werks a call today at 617-489-0291. We are looking forward to providing you with expert BMW repair services!