BMW Produces 10 Millionth 3 Series Sedan

The BMW Group Plant in Munich, Germany was lucky to be the birthplace of the 10 millionth 3 Series Sedan, a 320d in Imperial Blue. In over 40 years since the first 3 Series Sedan was created, the BMW Group has produced more than 14 million cars of this model series. This landmark 10 millionth automobile was part of the newest class of 3 Series Sedans, which was just launched 2 months ago in July. It’s safe to say workers throughout the Munich plant feel honored to be a part of history.


As the only facility to have produced all six generations of the BMW 3 Series, BMW Group Plant Munich has become a leader of 3 Series production. In order to meet the demands of various generations, the plant constantly enhanced and adapted its production systems to become one of the most advanced in its industry. The highly successful 3 Series now has a number of body and equipment options so you can build the BMW of your dreams, anywhere in the world.


Though the high demand of this series has lead to additional production plants in South Africa and China, the BMW Group Plant in Munich currently produces 1,000 cars a day, half of them BMW 3 Series, making them the largest production plant for the model in the world.


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BMW Parts

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What Happens When Your Check Engine Light Comes On?

There are a lot of different reasons as to why the check engine light comes on in your BMW. Many BMW owners wonder what to do when that happens, or what it means when this light comes on. If the light does turn on, bring on down to our shop located in Belmont MA, and we will inspect your car and diagnosis the problem right away.

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