BMW Group Plans 40 New Models By End Of 2018

The BMW Group has plans to roll out over 40 new or updated models across its luxury brands – BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce. This roll out is to happen by the end of next year (2018) with the focus leaning more towards the SUV portfolio to take aim at the crown that Mercedes currently holds in the luxury SUV market. BMW made this decision after the successful launch of the 5 Series as well as one in three global sales of BMW were SUVs. by the years end, BMW will launch a new X2 SUV by the end of the year with a the newer, X3, version on the way as well.

Rolls-Royce will also be entering he SUV market with their vehicle; the Cullinan as well as a new generation of Phantom cars will roll out between 2017 and 2018.

With the announcement of new models and rejuvenated models coming in the next couple of years, BMW has also stated that electrification strategy with their vehicles will come as well. This is considered the second wave of electrification for the BMW Group. They will roll this out with all electric versions of the MINI hatch and BMW X3 SUV models, that will introduce autonomous tech that has never been seen in production cars before.

Dual Clutch & Manual Transmissions Are On Their Way Out

The time of manual and dual clutch transmissions may soon cease to exist, says an executive from BMW. There was a time where enthusiasts that were serious about performance driving took a dual clutch or manual option when buying a car. However, with advances in technology and high torqued engines these once sought after transmission options may soon be a thing in the past. Vice President for Sales and Marketing at BMW M, said he expects manual and dual-clutch transmissions to be phased out in the next couple of  years. He also stated that a manual transmission may not be offered on the next-generation M3 and M4 due later this decade.

One of the main reasons why manual is getting phased out is that they tend to lack durability when used with high torque engines. In addition to that, manual transmissions have a low take up rate and an “awful” shift quality if high torque engines are being used. For dual clutch transmissions, there once was a market for them as they caused easier shifting speed and had a lighter weight. With advances in the auto industry, that advantage is no longer apparent as well as dual clutch not being reliable with high torque engines. Even Audi has been switching to automatic for their high performance cars.

The popularity of self-driving cars and electric powered cars makes choosing automatic transmissions over the alternatives a smarter choice when designing these new cars.

BMW Gets The OK On Diesel Models

The EPA has been on high alert since Volkswagen admitted to installing devices that allowed their diesel models to pass emissions tests unfairly. With that discovery, there have been multiple delays in the release of diesel-fuel vehicles. With BMW being the latest to get these delays, which has hindered the diesel market in which they want to enter. Recently, however, BMW was given the green light to bring their 2017 models of diesel vehicles into the US.

The BMW vehicles in question were tested multiple times to ensure that there were no dishonest devices installed, like the ones Volkswagen had used. After passing the tests, BMW was pleased to receive the green light to bring in their 2017 models. This opportunity, puts them ahead of Mercedes as the 2017 model year begins. The EPA has refused Mercedes the right to bring in their diesel models as they are still investigating their emissions certification. With this advantage, BMW has the opportunity to sell more units as 2017 approaches. With more diesel vehicles coming into the market, this opens up the opportunity or diesel repairs to be on the rise. With as this is a specialty service, it is even more important now than ever to go to a BMW specialist to have your car get checked out and have maintenance done to.

BMW Motorrad Teams Up with Start-Up Rever

blue bmw motorcycleBMW’s motorcycle brand, Motorrad, has teamed up with the start up Rever,to create a global community for motorcyclists. What the Rever app does is give motorcyclists the ability to discover new roads, track your rides and share that information with others through social media. What the partnership plans to do have the motorcycle community connect throughout riding experiences. The vision both of these companies see is the future of motorcycling as a connected experience. A community that uses technology to connect, enhance their riding experience and share their passion for riding. The ultimate goal is to give those who live in areas where locating other riders is difficult, a way to connect. All at the same time making the motorcycle experience more accessible, promote the  BMW lifestyle and share the enthusiasm of the motorcycling world with everyone.
The app is available now for Android and iOS.


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