Spring Car Maintenance Tips

car driving down a road in spring

As Spring approaches there is a lot to look forward to driving your car. With the roads cleared of salt and snow, and the days getting longer, spring is a great time to drive around. However, winter can add a lot of strain to your car, and it may need repairs or at least a checkup. Make sure to follow these spring car maintenance tips to keep your car healthy and ready for the summer months.


Engine Checks

Early spring is the best time to bring your car in to see a licensed technician. The winter months can do the most damage to your engine and seeing a professional is the best way to ensure your car is ready for the next twenty thousand miles. Every car owner should consider getting an oil change, rotating their tires, and having an inspection with a mechanic licensed for their car model this spring. Spring is also a good time to check your fluid levels, air conditioning, and air filters.



Tire pressure should always be checked at the beginning of spring. Cold weather can change your tire pressure so every driver should make sure that your tires are properly filled this spring. You should also do a visual inspection of your tires and rims to check for any debris that could puncture your tires, snow often pulls debris into the roads in later winter. Another good habit is to have your suspension checked professionally at a good repair shop before driving this spring.



When it comes to your car’s body, there are a few things you should do after every winter. Make sure to have your car washed and waxed. Washing your car, especially your wheel wells, is necessary to remove the dirt, salt, and silt from driving in the winter. Having your car waxed will protect your car from the sun this spring and summer. Consider replacing your windshield wipers if they were damaged during the winter and apply an anti-rain product to your windows to keep your windshield clean during the rainier months coming up.


If you are looking to have your BMWMercedes, or your Porsche serviced this spring consider coming down to Boston Motor Werks. At Boston Motor Werks we are experts at getting your car spring and summer ready this year. From rotating your tires to performing your A or B service your car will be ready to handle the seasonal transition from winter to spring.

With any type of car, whether it is a Mercedes, Porsche, or BMW there is a slew of different types of parts and repairs for these parts. One of the biggest and most important parts of a vehicle is the transmission and depending on what you need to be repaired, it could get expensive. In order to prevent major repairs to be done, it is good to be diligent with your car’s maintenance and being on top of minor repairs. One minor maintenance task you can have done to prevent a big transmission repair is a transmission flush.

What is a Transmission Flush?

A transmission flush is a maintenance process where all of the oil in a transmission is removed and replaced with new oil. An experienced mechanic uses a special machine that runs cleaning solutions, as well as new oil, through your transmission that will push out any grime and sludge. This makes sure that your transmission is removed of debris and sludge that can hinder performance and cause more issues down the line.

What is a Transmission Change?

A transmission fluid change is a similar process to a flush but does not use a special machine. A change simply drains the fluid using natural gravitational forces. While this method helps clean up your transmission and drains about 20-40 percent of the total volume, it clean as good as a flush. Not all of the fluid in the transmission system is drained and it does not flush out contaminants within the oil. A change is normally used for a frequent maintenance or a quick fix to improving the life of your car’s transmission.

When it comes to repairs, whether it’s a flush or change, you will want to make sure that the work is done by a professional for optimal results. At Boston Motor Werks, we take pride in being specialists for Mercedes, BMW, and Porsche vehicles and we always ensure our clients are completely satisfied with our services. For more information on transmission flushes or to schedule one for your Mercedes vehicle, give us a call today!

Difference Between A & B Servicing For Mercedes Vechicles

When it comes to owning a car, having regular maintenance and repairs is necessary and vital to extending the life of your car. For the most part, repairs and scheduled maintenance comes pretty standard across most brands of cars. However, German automakers such as BMW, Porsche and Mercedes often have specialty repairs that need to be treated by trained technicians or specialists. With Mercedes, the company has made it so the maintenance needs are usually separated into two selections; A service and B service. Here at Boston Motor Werks, we have technicians for each BMW, Porsche & now Mercedes vehicles to ensure the proper maintenance is applied. Each technician are highly trained in their field to offer optimal services to our clients. Our Mercedes specialists are knowledgeable for both types of services whether it be A or B.

Whenever your Mercedes machine is ready for either of these services, you will receive an alert from the car’s computer system letting you know its time for an inspection. Once you bring your vehicle to our shop, our technicians will know exactly the type of service to perform based on our diagnostics software in combination with your car’s computer. The big thing that confuses people with Mercedes services is knowing what comes with each service. Below is the differences between each service and what to expect when taking your Mercedes vehicle in for a repair.

Service A

Like with moth services, the frequency of getting repairs is based upon how often you drive your car, how long, how you handle your cars as well as other factors. For Mercedes, if your car was made after 2009 you will need to service after its first year or at 10,000 miles on the road. Then again after every two years or 20,000 miles. Maintenance that often comes with Service A includes:

  • Replacing oil filters and synthetic motor oil.
  • Checking levels for all fluids and adjusting them to factory standards.
  • Checking and adjusting tire pressure.
  • Inspecting brakes for any issues.
  • Resetting your car’s internal counter for the next Service A visit.

With any car service, our specialists take into account of your cars year, make and model to gather the right sheet of information needed for the service. That way we ensure the most proper maintenance for your exact year and model of car. We are proud of our machines and want you to feel comfortable that your car will come out performing at its best.

Service B

Just like with service A, service B varies on your vehicles specifics as well as when it was made. After 2009, you should have your vehicle brought in after every 20,000 miles or every two years. The specifics of Service B maintenance for Mercedes is as follows:

  • Replacing oil filter, synthetic oil, cabin dust filter and combination.
  • Exchanging brake fluids and inspecting brakes for any issues.
  • Checking tire pressure.
  • Checking fluid levels and adjusting to factory settings
  • Resetting the counter for the next Service B inspection.

If you have any questions on our Mercedes services and would like to schedule your Mercedes for maintenance repairs call us today!

BMW Mechanic in Boston MA

Here at Boston Motor Werks, we are your one stop BMW mechanic shop! We offer repairs, regular maintenance checkups, oil changes, body damage repair and more!

We are located in Belmont MA, and have been repairing BMW models, both old and new. for over ten years! We serve the whole Greater Boston MA area!

Some of the services and products we provide to our clients include:

  • BMW Original Parts: For all of our repair and maintenance services, we only use original BMW parts; we are a firm believer that BMW parts are more durable than regular parts. Even though we uses these more expensive parts, our repairs and services are still at a more affordable price than dealerships! Also, when you use BMW parts for a repair, the repairs tend to last a lot longer than it would if you used discounted parts.
  • Factory Scheduled Maintenance: Regardless of how new or old your BMW is, we encourage all of our clients to take their cars in for regular maintenance checkups; just like you should go to the doctor at least once a year, your car should see one of our mechanics! These checkups will help keep your car running smoothly!
  • Transmission Service: We encourage our clients to check their car’s transmission every 60,000 miles or so, or for every Inspection II. These regular checkups will replace fluids, filters, and pan gasket. If you choose not to perform checkups on your transmission every once in a while, you’re jeopardizing its health; if you’re transmission ever fails, you’re looking at a $4-$5,000 bill to replace it!
  •  Programming & Coding: We use the most up to date technology to not only diagnose your BMW’s problems, but to also apply the best and most reliable repairs!
  • Brake Service: As you know, brakes are probably the most important part of your car, and you should do everything in your power to make sure they are working properly. For all repairs and installations, we only use original BMW brake pads and rotors. Don’t jeopardize the safety of your life and your loved ones’ by investing in cheap brand brake parts; put your trust in the expertise of Boston Motor Werks and our original BMW parts we use for each brake repair!

Here at Boston Motor Werks, it is our goal to provide the most reliable services and repairs that will last for years to come, at an affordable price; we always make it a goal to provide the best services that are comparable (and even sometimes better) than the dealership, for a fraction of the price!

For more information, or to schedule an appointment for your BMW, please feel free to give Boston Motor Werks a call at 617-489-0291.

BMW Repair Services

Here at Boston Motor Werks, we have been repairing BMW’s of all years and models for over 3 years. Our founder and owner, Robert Hanna has worked in BMW dealership shops for over 20 years before making the move to Boston Motor Werks.

With years of experience in repairing BMW’s, Robert has worked on just about every model of BMW, starting from the 1980’s all the way through present day models!

When it comes to making repairs to your BMW you want a mechanic you can trust; when you go to Boston Motor Werks all of the mechanics here are fully trained and experienced!

To schedule an appointment or an estimate for our repair services, please give Boston Motor Werks a call at 617-489-0291. We are looking forward to helping you with all of your BMW’s repair needs!

Factory Scheduled Maintenance

Having your car looked at by a professional is essential to maintaining a reliable vehicle. When you avoid taking your car for a tune up, you are investing in bigger repair bills down the road. When you’re a car owner, you want to think about your cars strength in the long run, not the short run!

So many issues on cars today can be avoided with proper maintenance techniques! No matter how much technology in the car industry has advanced over the years, nothing is better for your car than the standard “old school” maintenance program!

When your car reaches 5,000 miles, we recommend a synthetic oil change; if you wait too long after 5000 miles, you risk damage to your car! Some dealers recommend changing your oil after the 15,000 mile mark; if you do this you’re leaving your car opened to engine wear and damage.

If you have a BMW and you feel that you have fallen behind on maintenance techniques, do not fret, Boston Motor Werks is here to save the day!  We will be sure to run all the important inspections and maintenance techniques on your BMW! Give us a call today at 617-489-0291, to schedule an appointment!

BMW Mechanical & Electrical Repairs

Are all car repairs the same? Of course not! All mechanical repairs vary depending on the car model and year, especially for BMWs. To properly repair a BMW, you need a trained mechanic; a mechanic who has been trained, and who knows the ins and outs of all BMW models.

Here at Boston Motor Werks, all of our mechanics are highly trained BMW technicians. Our owner, Robert Hannah has earned a Masters Certification as a BMW technician.

When it comes to repairing mechanical parts of a BMW, like brake pads, or electronics like a navigational system, it takes a highly trained mechanic to effectively fix the problems.

For each service we provide, we only use genuine BMW parts, helping to guarantee a high level of quality and performance.

If you have any questions about our services and repairs, please feel free to give us a call at 617-489-0291. We look forward to helping you with your next BMW repair!