Are Summer Tires Worth It?

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Summer tires are definitely a popular choice for those looking to get the most out of their vehicles. While it might seem easiest to just go with all season tires and not have to worry about changing them, you’re definitely leaving performance and even safety on the table when you choose a year round tire.

What’s The Difference Between Summer Tires and All-Season?

Summer tires are also called performance tires, and this is no accident. They deliver more grip, traction and handling to your vehicle. The formula of rubber they use is specifically engineered for warmer weather, whereas all-season tires can provide pretty average performance in warm and cold temperatures, you get much better results when you use both summer and winter tires respectively.

Should I Purchase Summer Tires?

While you might be thrown off by the term, performance tires, these models of tires aren’t just reserved for performance cars, although that is always a great pairing. In fact, any car can benefit from added grip, the increased confidence that goes with more traction is really something to appreciate. Many luxury vehicles come standard with performance tires.

All Season Tires VS. Winter Tires

Of course, if you’re going to invest in summer tires, it only makes sense to make a winter tire your alternate when the colder months come around. Dedicated rubber for snow and ice, especially in New England is a highly recommended addition because you aren’t compromising when it comes to grip in low temperatures.

If you already have a set of winter tires for snow and ice season, then performance tires are truly the best choice to keep your vehicle at its best for the rest of the year. Both summer and winter tires are specially designed to perform with optimal grip in each of their respective seasons.

However, you do have to be proactive when it comes to switching between your summer tires and your winter tires. Switching out your summer rubber too early can wear out your snow tires prematurely. On the other hand, getting caught in the snow with performance tires should be avoided at all costs.

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Spring Car Care Tips

With rising temperatures on their way, the strategy for car care changes drastically! During the winter months, many people don’t pay as much attention to keeping their cars in shape, especially in Massachusetts. The large amounts of snow end up covering cars, and cleaning them off is usually the most pressing thing to worry about. After the snow is done and the sun is setting later, take the time to pay attention to your car to have it running its best all spring long.

Tire Pressure

As temperatures get colder during the winter, tire pressures decrease, which probably caused you to fill up your tires during the colder months. As temperatures increase into the spring, so does tire pressure. If it rises past the manufacturer’s standards, it can ruin your car’s ability to drive and the fuel economy. Make sure to get your tires checked once it gets warmer out. Check for dry rot, tread depth, or any low pressures due to minor leaks. 

Alignment and Suspension

Snowy and frozen roads take a toll on your car. Driving on roads with potholes and rocks can ruin the alignment of your car and damage suspension components. Take your vehicle to get the alignment and suspension checked if you had a long winter of commuting around on frozen ground. Listen for any noises over bumps or when going over driveways as that is a tell-tale sign something is wrong. 

Wiper Blades

Check your wipers for signs of damage. If you had a lot of snow piling on your car and freezing, the blades might have some cracks or don’t wipe your windshield correctly anymore. Many car owners tend to change out their wiper blades after the winter is over anyways. 

Wax and Wash Your Car

Driving in winter weather can make your car the dirtiest it can get. Driving higher speeds on highways will throw road salt and dirt at your vehicle. Be sure to give your vehicle a thorough car wash, making it a point to clean the undercarriage. That’s where rust can form from snow and ice. 

Clean Inside Your Car, Too

Spring is a great time to clean the inside of your car. No one wants to be outside in the winter cleaning out their car. While you are spring cleaning your home, add your car into the mix! Snow and salt will settle into your floormats, making the interior dirty. Vacuum and wipe down the steering wheel and dashboard to give your car a fresh look.

Check Under the Hood

Open up the hood of your car to check the engine and make sure everything looks right after a long, cold winter. Check hoses and belts to make sure the cold didn’t wear them down. This is something that should be professionally inspected, especially if you are not too experienced with cars. 

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End of Summer Car Care Tips

summer car repairs

If you’re like most auto owners, summer puts you in the car more than any other season because of vacations and traveling. After putting additional significant mileage on your car throughout the summer, it is important to take some proactive steps to keep your car in optimal condition to avoid car repairs.

5 Summer Car Care Tips

Inspect Your Tires

You should be checking your tire pressure on a monthly basis. But if you forget, like most people, the end of summer is a great time for one check. Tire pressure is key to helping your car maintain traction on the road. It also has a major impact on fuel economy. After putting extra mileage on those tires during the summer, it is even more crucial to check the tire pressure.
Examine the Battery
Summer is one of the most common times for car owners to experience battery issues. The summer heat can cause your battery’s fluid to evaporate faster. Without fluid, your battery may be unable to hold a charge. Check your battery (or have it checked by a car service team) for fluid levels, leaks, or cracks as well as any problems from corrosion or rust.
Check the Cooling System
In addition to the toll the heat can take on your battery fluid, the summer sun can also drastically reduce the amount of coolant in your system. Coolant is necessary for keeping your radiator functioning properly.
Clean Your Car
Getting the car cleaned can feel like a luxury instead of a must-do. And while that may be true for the interior, there are some important benefits to cleaning the outside. One of the main spots to clean is the undercarriage. If dirt, grime or sand has built up under your car, these caked-on substances can cause your transmission or engine to overheat. Clean your car often to protect it from these types of issues (and keep it looking great!)
Inspect Your Paint
Once your exterior is clean, inspect your car paint. In addition to looking nice, your car paint protects your car from corrosion. The summer heat can cause cracks or other damage to the paint – and the cooler months can make that slight damage worse. Especially if you have a luxury car such as a BMW, Mercedes or Porsche where the aesthetic of your car is key, make inspecting your paint a priority at the end of the summer.


Just like a spring-cleaning list, consider making a car maintenance list for each season. Doing these, and other seasonal car care tasks can extend the life of your vehicle.

Getting Your BMW Ready for Summer Time Heat

Just as you take care of your skin by applying sun block to your skin during the summer, you should take similar precautions when it comes to your BMW. As you know summer in the Boston area can get extremely hot, be sure to protect your Bimmer from the summertime heat and other elements!

First and foremost, be sure to get your AC and cooling systems checked so that while you sit in the beach/work traffic, your car doesn’t over heat. We will inspect the air flow around the radiator and radiator cap to check the coolant levels and to check for any cracks. We will also check the functionality of your AC system; we will check the filter and repair any leaks.

Next on the checklist is to check your tires; just as winter deflates your tires, the hot weather can overinflate your tires, which will reduce your fuel economy. Have us check the pressure and tread of your tires to make sure everything is up to snuff before you take a long road trip!

Make sure your brakes are working properly. If you’re hearing strange, squeaky noises or “grabbing” everything you hit the brakes, be sure to notify us right away!

Are your lights working properly? We will check to make sure that there is no wiring problem that could potentially effect the functionality of your lights.

We can check your battery for corrosion and leaks; if you haven’t changed your battery in years, it will be a good idea to have us inspect it, especially if you’re planning a road trip.

We will check the fluids of your car to make sure they are at the proper levels and colors; this includes checking the brakes, oil, power steering, and the transmission.

Summer is still a couple months away, so you have some time to knock some items off this checklist! For more information, or for an estimate on any of the BMW services we provide, please give Boston Motor Werks a call at 617-489-0291