BMW Welcomes Event

On June 23rd, BMW had another event with their BMW Welcomes event series. This event took place at the BMW Welt in Germany and focused on future mobility. As technology evolves, transportation has begun to change as well with new advances. Such as rear cameras to help when backing up, sensors to inform drivers when objects are close by, and self stopping features. In addition, future mobility is the way we transport ourselves through technological advances while reducing cost and environmental damage. BMW has already introduced three concepts to further explore BMW’s cultural change. The BMW Vision Next 100, the Mini Vision Next 100 and the Rolls Royce Vision Next 100 all explore the next steps in self driving. As well, they show digital integration between cars and drivers as well as their passengers.

The BMW Welcomes event on June 23rd talked about concepts for self driving automobiles, as well as further advances with future mobility. Along with future mobility, the event also focused on the impact of global change due to environmental pollution and how the evolution in transportation can help reduce the pollution rate. Some thoughts that came to mind during this event is how automotive companies may ponder the idea of using innovations by companies that are not usually associated with transportation.


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