BMW Using ReachNow Technology

Millennials’ do not have the desire to own an actual car. In most cases, this generation utilizes the option of ride-sharing services. By using more of these services, it can hurt the traditional process of buying and owning a car. In order to stay relevant and to keep up with evolving technologies, The BMW Group created a car rental service ReachNow. Since launching in Seattle, Washington in April 2016, they have now included ride-sharing to their options of travel.  

ReachNow’s new service is similar to the big name ride-sharing services of Uber and Lyft. However, ReachNow gets you from your initial starting point to your destination with the option to ride or drive. Car-sharing allows you to rent various models of BMWs and MINI models throughout the designated city whether it is a long or short trip. It has expanded to Portland, Oregon and Brooklyn, New York over the past year and is rapidly growing. This company is giving their customers the option if they choose to drive, or if they want to be driven.

Offering multiple services allows for more freedom to the customer. This also will help ReachNow with figuring out where to improve, but also learn how people navigate in and around the city. Some may want to be driven for five minutes. Others may want to drive themselves for several hours.

ReachNow is still very new, with launching their ride-sharing services and only having it offered in Seattle as of right now. Their app for ride-sharing is not in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store at this time. However, they do have their car-sharing service in the two app stores.


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