BMW Rolls Out Concept for the BMW X2

BMW continues to add to their SUV line with a new roll out. BMW has finally launched their concept to what the BMW X2 will look like. What makes this model so interesting is the fact there are a lot of design features that are different from its predecessor. The front end of the car seems to be wider than that of the X1, since the big air intakes are positioned on the sides. The kidney shaped grills have also been redesigned with a distinct shape and upside down design. To distinguish the X2 even further, the kidney grills are no longer connected to the headlights as seen in previous BMW models.

The purpose of the new X2 is to be more practical and a more stylish model compared to the X1. The senior vice president stated, “The BMW Concept X2 is a vehicle for active people looking for a combination of enjoyment and practicality”.  Adding that the new look offers a new and exciting look for the BMW brand. BMW plans to have the final design of the X2 done soon as well as continue to expand their SUV department in the future.

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