BMW Gets The OK On Diesel Models

The EPA has been on high alert since Volkswagen admitted to installing devices that allowed their diesel models to pass emissions tests unfairly. With that discovery, there have been multiple delays in the release of diesel-fuel vehicles. With BMW being the latest to get these delays, which has hindered the diesel market in which they want to enter. Recently, however, BMW was given the green light to bring their 2017 models of diesel vehicles into the US.

The BMW vehicles in question were tested multiple times to ensure that there were no dishonest devices installed, like the ones Volkswagen had used. After passing the tests, BMW was pleased to receive the green light to bring in their 2017 models. This opportunity, puts them ahead of Mercedes as the 2017 model year begins. The EPA has refused Mercedes the right to bring in their diesel models as they are still investigating their emissions certification. With this advantage, BMW has the opportunity to sell more units as 2017 approaches. With more diesel vehicles coming into the market, this opens up the opportunity or diesel repairs to be on the rise. With as this is a specialty service, it is even more important now than ever to go to a BMW specialist to have your car get checked out and have maintenance done to.


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