Are Winter Tires Worth It?

When your vehicle has all-season tires that are a few months old, you may wonder if you should switch to winter tires. Snow tires are different from tires that you want to use year-round. With the hassle of changing tires between seasons, consider this question: Are winter tires worth it? 

How are Winter Tires Different?

What is the big difference between all-season and winter tires? There are a few significant points worth considering when you’re gearing up for snow. Snow or winter tires are far better than all-season tires in snow, ice, and rain. 

What is your biggest fear in traveling in the winter? For many people, there is a fear of being unable to stop. Others fear sliding in turns or losing traction, in general. No matter which fear assaults your mind, snow tires are the answer to driving in wintery conditions. 

Benefits of Winter Tires

The benefits of winter tires outweigh those of other tires in the cold months. Safety experts recommend winter tires if you live in an area where snow is possible. 

  1. Rubber

The rubber makeup in winter tires is far better than that of all-season. The technology used for winter tires adds silica to the rubber, creating a more flexible tire. Adding silica also creates a squeegee effect, pushing water away from the road. 

  1. Tread

The tread design is imperative in remaining slip-resistant. Snow tires include more tread than all-season tires because it increases the effectiveness of accelerating and stopping. A saw-tooth design in winter tires aids in cutting through the snow. 

What Do Winter or Snow Tires Cost?

The cost of winter tires is dependent on a few factors. The area you live in is one factor to consider. Other considerations include a charge for installation and balancing and a possible charge for extra sensors. 

Ultimately, you’re likely looking at $600 or more for a set of snow tires – possibly more. The plus side is that winter tires are only used in the winter. While you could leave them on your vehicle year-round, winter tires are more costly than all-season tires. Making the switch when the weather improves is more cost-effective.

Using snow tires only during winter can be cost-effective because they will last for several years. Most winter tires will last for five winters when removed during warmer seasons. Consider using snow tires only in the cold months to get the most bang for your buck.

Where to Get Winter Tire Help

Choosing the right tires for your luxury vehicle this winter is an essential task for safety. Boston Motor Werks is available to assist in ensuring the best fit for your needs. Boston Motor Werks is a professional and knowledgeable luxury car expert willing to aid you by getting the right tires on your vehicle. Contact our team today for more information.

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