Are Summer Tires Worth It?

Summer tires are definitely a popular choice for those looking to get the most out of their vehicles. While it might seem easiest to just go with all season tires and not have to worry about changing them, you’re definitely leaving performance and even safety on the table when you choose a year round tire.

What’s The Difference Between Summer Tires and All-Season?

Summer tires are also called performance tires, and this is no accident. They deliver more grip, traction and handling to your vehicle. The formula of rubber they use is specifically engineered for warmer weather, whereas all-season tires can provide pretty average performance in warm and cold temperatures, you get much better results when you use both summer and winter tires respectively.

Should I Purchase Summer Tires?

While you might be thrown off by the term, performance tires, these models of tires aren’t just reserved for performance cars, although that is always a great pairing. In fact, any car can benefit from added grip, the increased confidence that goes with more traction is really something to appreciate. Many luxury vehicles come standard with performance tires.

All Season Tires VS. Winter Tires

Of course, if you’re going to invest in summer tires, it only makes sense to make a winter tire your alternate when the colder months come around. Dedicated rubber for snow and ice, especially in New England is a highly recommended addition because you aren’t compromising when it comes to grip in low temperatures.

If you already have a set of winter tires for snow and ice season, then performance tires are truly the best choice to keep your vehicle at its best for the rest of the year. Both summer and winter tires are specially designed to perform with optimal grip in each of their respective seasons.

However, you do have to be proactive when it comes to switching between your summer tires and your winter tires. Switching out your summer rubber too early can wear out your snow tires prematurely. On the other hand, getting caught in the snow with performance tires should be avoided at all costs.

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