8 Ways To Prepare Your Car For Fall

As we enjoy the last weeks of August, we need to start thinking about the fall and winter months that are upon us. We usually use this time to switch out summer clothes and equipment and make the fall and winter clothes and equipment more easily accessbile. While doing this you should consider getting your vechile inspected so that there are not any problems once the colder weather arrives. It is common knowledge what the winter months can do to our cars no matter if they are BMWs, Porsches, or Mercedes so the right preparation can lead to a smooth fall and winter without any car issues. Below are ten areas you should check to in to prepare your vehicle for the fall!

Check The Belts & Hoses

With all of the driving that was probably done during the summer months, it can cause wear and tear on the different components of your car. The most popular fixes needed after all this driving are belts and hoses of your vechile. Look out to make sure there are no signs of splitting, fraying, or glazing for both of these items. As these could cause for these pieces to overheat, while it might not seem likely in cooler months, it still is something to be cautious about. Be sure to contact us if you are in need of either a belt or hose repair!

Check The Fluid Levels

A step that should be done reguarly or scheduled, checking and replacing the fluids in your car is an important task for your car’s longevity. This is especially important when the seasons change as levels could be low with the amount of usage during the summer. When checking the fluids of your car you will want to be sure to check the levels of your winshield washer fluid, transmission fluid, coolant, brake fluids, and power steering fluids. By checking all of these different fuel systems is vital to making sure you have a car that runs smoothly during the coler months of the year.

Check The Tires

The summer is the peak season for construction jobs and road work, and with this comes a lot of debris on the roads. This debris can easily end up sticking in your tires while you are on the road and could cause issues down the road if not immediate. Be sure to bring your vehicle to a trained technician for proper tire and suspension services that include checking the tread, inflation, and overall condition of your tires. These technicians can also rotate your tires so they wear evenly, make sure there is enough air pressure in the tires, and if need be change your tires to snow tires for the winter.

Check The Oil

Wondering if you need an oil change? The fact you have to think about it is a good indication that you should take your car in for an oil change and other scheduled maintenace for you vehicle. A rule of thumb to go by is to have your oil changed every 5,000 miles, but double check your manual to find the recommended interval.

Check Your Heat

Fall and winter are all about the colder weather and climate so having a car with functional heating is very crucial to survive New England winters. Another aspect of your car you should have checked is making sure the defrost works as a fogged-up window is dangerous especially with winter road conditions.

Check the Brakes

One of the most common car incidents during the fall and winter is that cars slide on the roads do to cold and icy weather conditions. Add this with rain or snow falling down and having bad brakes can lead to a dangerous situation. Listen for unusual noises that may point to having failing brake pads and have your brakes checked by a professional to ensure you are good to drive this fall or winter.

Check The Lights

Fall and winter are darker with the amount of percipiation, cold weather, and literal cloud cover of the sun. For the best and safest driving experience you will want to maek sure all of your lights are working to ensure that no accidents ensue. Lights are indicators to other drivers on the road of your intentions and if any are broken can lead to a crash. Walk around your car while checking each light to make sure they work and keeping mind of your check engine light and dashboard. This dashboard will give you a first response if one of your lights are not working.

Check The Battery

The battery is one of the most important parts of your vehicle as it is one of the compents that need to be working in order for your car to start. Overtime, batteries tend to have signs of corrosion and it is always a safe bet to check on the state of your battery after different seasons as there are different driving conditions. If you need a replacement then you can take your car to a technician to give you a new battery and check the electrical system of your car.

If you would like to have your car checked before the fall arrives, call Boston Motor Werks today!


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