7 Fall Driving Safety Tips

With the seasons changing not only will there be the weather changing, but also the driving conditions and hazards to look out for that will be changing as well. The fall is the start of the school season so that means an increase in traffic and children on the road, so you will want to be cautious when driving around school buses and residential areas. Use these seven great driving tips to help you stay safe on the road this fall season as you prepare for the cooler months.

  1. Don’t Brake On Leaves – Wet leaves are almost as slippery as ice, so the same effect of slamming on your brakes on wet leave is the same as on ice; you will slide. Be sure if you are driving slow through an area with a bunch of leaves on the ground that is wet. Leaves can also cover up lane lines and other road markets to be sure to pay attention to the edge of the road and lane lines while driving during the fall.
  2. Avoid Sun Glare – As beautiful as sunrises and sets are, they are difficult to drive in due to sun glare. Your best bet is to have a pair of sunglasses on hand and have a clean windshield to prevent any sun glare while driving.
  3. Use Caution During Rain – A driving 101 scenario, you will want to be cautious while driving during the rain and make sure that you are a good distance away from the car in front of you. You never know when they will decide to slam on the brakes and if you are not ready, and are close behind them, your brakes may not be able to catch you in time due to the wet road conditions. If you find yourself in an area with fog from the rain, be sure to use your fog lights or low beams to drive through the fog. Never use your high beams as the fog will reflect the light back into your face and make driving hazardous.
  4. Be Careful On Bridges – Just like with any part of the road, morning frost and temperature drops can cause icy patches on bridges, overpasses, and in shaded areas. If you are driving in the morning be sure to slow down and drive with caution so you do not find yourself sliding on the ice off the road.
  5. Adjust Your Eyes – The great thing about fall is that you gain an hour of sleep due to daylight savings. The bad part of this is that we will be waking up and heading home from work in the dark. For optimal driving, take 5 minutes to adjust your eyes to the dark so there are no surprises during transit.
  6. Watch Out For Deer – When the fall time comes around there tends to be me more deer on the road. This is because the fall is the beginning of deer breeding season and they are more active. Whether you are on the highway or on a road near the woods, you will want to be on the lookout for deer crossing the road. Running into one of these animals can cause serious damage to your car.
  7. Prepare Your Vehicle For The Weather – As mentioned in our last blog, you will want to make sure your car is ready for the fall. You can do this by checking the tire pressure, replacing windshield wipers, cleaning your windshield, checking fluid levels and so much more. Having your car ready for the fall is a great way to ensure your safety this fall.

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