6 Winter Driving Tips

It is really important to keep yourself safe in the winter, and you also want to keep your new Mercedes from getting damaged too!  Follow these winter driving tips to keep you and your car safe!

  1. Accelerate slowly

When starting from a stop, your tires will grip better and you’ll avoid slipping if you accelerate slowly by slowly depressing the gas pedal.  This will save the tires from slipping, which will result in you losing control of the vehicle.

  1. Brake and decelerate slowly

When coming to a stop, it is important to apply the brakes softly and decelerate slowly.  Give yourself a lot of extra room to slow down and stop so that you have time to decelerate nice and slowly.  Braking too quickly can cause your vehicle to slide and could be fatal.

  1. Avoid unnecessary stops

When driving in the winter, it is important to know that it easy easier to keep momentum moving than to start moving a vehicle from a dead stop.  If you see a red light up ahead, instead of coming in quickly and stopping at the light, slow down ahead of time and keep the vehicle moving so that when the light turns green, you can more easily accelerate and move through the green light.

  1. Drive slowly

This seems like a no-brainer, but take caution and drive slowly in the winter.  Allow yourself more time to get to where you are going so that you don’t need to rush.  Just because that Porsche can get you there quickly doesn’t mean it has to.  Plus, nobody will get there quickly when you end up in the ditch.

  1. Keep your tires properly inflated

Many people don’t understand the importance of keeping their tires properly inflated.  Properly inflated tires allow the tires to grip appropriately as they were designed to do!  Head over to your local repair shop and have them check your tires and properly inflate them!

  1. Don’t go out if you don’t need to

If the weather is poor and the roads are bad, simply stay home if you don’t need to go out.  Wait for the roads to clear up from the comfort of your couch and keep your BMW warm and safe in the garage.

Contact Boston Motor Werks for more information on safe driving tips in the winter as well as repair services for BMWs, Porsches, and Mercedes around Boston, MA.

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