5 Porsche Winter Storage Tips

Owning a Porsche is something to be proud of. A car that nice is an investment, to say the least, so making it last should be a priority. One of the best ways to extend the life of your Porsche is by storing it through the cold winter months. That winter storage process includes much more than just parking it in the garage though!


Porsche Winter Storage Tips


1. Prepare Engine and Fluids


Before parking your Porsche, get an oil change and top off all of the fluids under the hood. When the oil is being changed, it’s a good idea to change the oil filter too. If you feel confident enough to prepare the engine and fluids yourself you can but taking your Porsche to a Porsche maintenance specialist is the best way to ensure it’s done right.


2. Overinflate Tires


You may think overinflating your tires is a big no-no and normally, you’d be right! Cold temperatures can change the tire pressure in your vehicle even if it isn’t being driven. Avoid flattened tires this winter by filling your tires 8-10 psi higher than they need to be. This should be done when the tires are cold to get the most accurate psi reading.


3. Invest in a Car Cover


Car covers can be purchased for both indoor and outdoor storage. It’s important to buy a high-quality car cover rather than trying to find a cheap one that won’t do the job well. Car covers protect against dirt, dust, and other debris that could mess up the paint on your Porsche.


4. Fill the Tank


Airspace in your gas tank provides the perfect environment for harmful condensation. Prevent this by filling your tank right before putting the Porsche in storage. You should always use premium grade gas when filling up your tank.


5. Lower Windows


Lower your windows just enough to take the pressure off the seals along the top. This will help the seal to last longer and provide some airflow to the car too! Airflow is the best way to prevent unnecessary moisture and condensation from forming as temperatures fluctuate.


Follow these tips to keep your Porsche looking, and running, as good as it possibly can! With proper winter storage, getting your Porsche back on the road in the spring will be a breeze. For any questions or concerns regarding storing your Porsche this winter, contact a Porsche maintenance specialist like Boston Motor Werks!

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