5 Common BMW Issues You May Run Into

Owning a BMW or any other type of luxury car is a wonderful experience. You get to cruise your favorite roads while basking the presence of amazing craftsmanship and luxury automakers. However, just like with any normal car, a BMW overtime will need repairs and maintenance done to make sure it is operating at optimal levels. With all types of repairs, it is better to have a vast knowledge of what issues your car may run into so you can handle them as quickly as possible. Repairs left undone could turn into bigger and more costly problems down the line. For BMW cars, there are a few brand-specific problems that have come up in the past that have become “common” to BMW owners. Below is a list of the most common issues you should expect to run into so you can plan accordingly.

5 Common BMW Problems You May Run Into


Steering Wheel Vibrates When Braking

BMW cars are great for moving quickly, being agile, and looking sporty but have had issues in the past when the brakes are applied. Although mostly seen with the 3 series, the steering wheel of the BMW will constantly vibrate when braking. This problem could get worse if not looked at and the vibrations could get worse down the road. This is when you should take it into a BMW specialist to possibly repair the wrap rotors of your BMW.

Oil Leaks

If you are a frequent driver that racks up a lot of miles over time, then you should be wary of oil leaks. BMW users have frequently complained of oil leaks when dealing with a BMW vehicle that hs over 55,000 miles on it. The most common issue that causes this leak to happen is valve cover gaskets and oil pan gasket malfunctions. If this happens make sure you bring your vehicle to a shop to check out the oil and other fuel systems.

Power Steering Leak

If you ever see leaked fluid and/or hear screeching noises while steering then your power steering fluid is most likely leaking. A leak in the power steering oil reservoir usually comes from a faulty hose. This is a serious issue that needs to be checked immediately as it affects the safety of your vehicle as well as the functioning of your car while driving.


Sputtering usually happens when you are accelerating or moving at a high speed in your BMW. This issue is caused by a high-pressure pump malfunction. When the pump is malfunctioning the stream of fuel being pumped into the engine is inconsistent and may lead to a failure to turn over if it is not looked at right away.

Electronic Problems

The most common issue with common European cars is that there tend to be electronic problems over time and this has happened over multiple series of BMW vehicles. With improper wiring systems, there could be a development of constant faults with some electronics of the car such as the AC not coming on, the wipers not working, etc. Regardless of what you are dealing with, the team at Boston Motor Werks has the skills and experienced necessary to tackle any electrical or programming issue your BMW may run into.


Are you a BMW owner and have an issue with your beloved vehicle? Give Boston Motor Werks a call or stop by our shop in Belmont, MA for more information and set up an appointment!

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